Remember our classic In-Page Push (IPP) theme? Elegant and concise, it fits well into any interface. But we’ve decided to go one step further and created two additional IPP skins to help you slay specific verticals!

Classic IPP skin

What are the new In-Page Push themes? 

The two new in-page push skins are Social and Light Theme. You can pick one when choosing the creatives for your push campaign.


Social has a resemblance with chat windows and messengers and will work great for verticals where live communications is the main strategy for getting the users’ attention. For instance, Dating, Games, News, or creatives that directly address the users with success stories like Finance and Weight Loss.

The Social IPP skin

The other one is the Light Theme. This skin makes your ads look clear and professional and will be a great fit for such verticals as Utilities, Browser Extensions, Antiviruses, and other PC and Mac Software. But since it’s also quite neutral, you can certainly test it with other verticals and offers.

The Light Theme IPP skin

Why use the new IPP skins? 

It’s no secret that each vertical requires a specific approach to crafting your creatives. Our new skins are tailored specifically to make your ads perform well on the verticals that demand a certain image style.

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Social skin is great for Dating, Games, News, and Finance. It’s an ideal match for any vertical where you apply the “one-on-one communication” strategy.

Light Theme performs extremely well with all kinds of Software offers. When using it, you don’t need to spend much time perfecting the ad copy — simply take it from the description of your offer. For example: “A free VPN service to help you search for information and content”. The theme grants your ad extra credibility which helps you get more clicks.

German Saletsky, Business Owner of IPP at PropellerAds: “The new IPP skins have a fresh, native look. It helps our clients to overcome users’ ad blindness which results in higher CTR. For push campaigns, more clicks mean more traffic, which allows you to get more conversions with the same budget.

Hot GEOs and targeting tips

If you’re ready to jump into testing, here are some recommendations. The new IPP skins are getting traction in the following GEOs:

  • ?? BR — lots of mobile and desktop traffic. The hottest verticals are Betting, Finance and Utilities
  • ?? IN — mainly mobile Android traffic. The verticals that convert the most are Dating, Utilities and iGaming 
  • ?? ID — also shows big volumes of Android traffic. The best verticals to try out are Dating, Utilities, iGaming, and Sweepstakes
  • ?? FR — both mobile and desktop traffic are on the rise with the following verticals stealing the show: Dating, Utilities, and Sweepstakes. However, the leader here is Anime Games.

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