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Case Studies

In-Page Push + Mobile Content Offers + Indonesia: 6 Hacks, 2549 conversions [Case Study]

A case study from our partner who shared all nuts and bolts of working with mobile content offers and PropellerAds trafffic

in-page push tricks
In-Page Push

Become the Master of In-Page Push Traffic: Tips & Tricks

In-Page Push (IPP) is the type of traffic within your push campaigns that allows you to target more platforms, including iOS and Mac OS

in-page push faq
In-Page Push

Everything You Need to Know About In-Page Push Ads [FAQ]

Time to organize your knowledge about In-Page Push ads and In-Page Push traffic. Read our FAQ and learn everything about in-page push advertising!

Affiliate Marketing

In-Page Push 2021: The History and Forecast

We improved your most favorite In-Page Push format in many ways during 2021. Let's share memories and sum up the results

in-page push skins
Case Studies

[Case study] In-Page Push: Light Theme & Social vs. The Classic Skin

The In-page push skins are essentially templates, or themes, which you can apply to your ads. There are two: Social and Light Theme

In-page push - new skins
Platform Updates

New Skins for In-Page Push: A Refined, Native Look For Your Ads

Explore refined in-page push skins for ads, seamlessly blending with content for a native feel. Enhance user experience and engagement today

classic push - in page push - case study
Push Traffic

Case Study: In-Page Push vs. Classic Push Notifications

We’ve partnered with one of the marketers who compared classic and in-page push notifications, and invited this expert to share the results of his experiment

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Sports Website + In-Page Push Banner = Extra money!

Own a sports website? Earn extra money with newest user-friendly ad format for audience monetization - In-Page Push Banner!

in-page push for publishers - monetization

Meet In-Page Push, Your Next Favorite Monetization Method

Meet In-Page Push offers seamless monetization. Explore a new favorite method to boost earnings and engage audiences. Try it now!