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Case Study: In-Page Push vs. Classic Push Notifications

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Some of the top affiliates in the world use PropellerAds to launch thousands of successful campaigns every year and one of the many benefits is that all of our members can learn from these marketers’ expertise.

We’ve partnered with one of the marketers who compared push ads and in-page push ads notifications, and invited this expert to share the results of his experiment. In-page push notifications are one of our newest formats, so we wanted to show you the potential results you can obtain in order to help you decide if you should try out this type of ad.

Check out the case study below and see for yourself if in-page push ads are worth a shot!

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Testing Gaming Offers with Conventional Push and In-Page Push Notifications

I had been thinking about an in-page push (IPP) since the format was released, so I decided to test drive this type of ad and compare it to traditional push notifications. 

Initial Details

When I was researching I found many interesting positive reviews about IPP, so I also wanted to see if:

  • IPP could help me expand my push campaigns 
  • In-page ads are as good as a classic push
  • Classic push notifications were more affordable or more expensive than IPP
  • There was a difference in traffic volumes

Additionally, I decided to run two test campaigns with a gaming offer because they are usually policy-friendly, easy to convert, and often offer a landing page. Plus, games are universal, they work with any tier, and this vertical has been exceptionally hot this year, so I decided to go for it.

The offer I chose was RAID: Shadow Legend, which included this landing page:


Conversion Flow

The conversion flow was single opt-in and it only requires a user to leave his or her email address to register a conversion.

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Campaign Settings

The two CPC campaigns were divided into one with a classic push and another that included IPP. Besides this, the campaign targeting settings remained the same:

Period of Campaign: 01/06/2020 to 04/06/2020
Device Type:​ Desktop
OS:​ Windows
Proxy:​ Not Proxy
OS Type​: Desktop
Payout: $5.50

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Creative Elements

The creatives I used were as follows:

In-Page Push campaign

Title: @Devilgirl97 invited you

Text: Joining the game?



Push Notifications: 

I used the same icon and added this banner image.

Title: @Devilgirl97 invited you

Text: Joining the game?


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Comparative Results

After I spent about $50 on each campaign I started comparing results:

Even though CPA was a bit higher, I got almost the same number of conversions with IPP as with classic push. The actual CPM was slightly lower for the IPP campaign and I didn’t run into any problems volume-wise, even when working with expensive tier-1 GEOs. Read more about the Tiers of traffic.

propellerads - GAMES_RAID_IPP_PUSH_case

As it was just a first test of this format, I stopped at that and decided to try it on other verticals. Currently, I’m running a dating IPP campaign, and so far the results are impressive – I’ll try to collect the data and share it with you.

Conclusion and Tips for Success

After running the campaigns above (and a few others after), I’m convinced that IPP ads can produce amazing results.

Here are some tips I would give to other affiliates that want to work with IPP notifications:

  • Start separate campaigns for each GEO so you can have better control over CPA
  • Always separate IPP from classic push ads
  • Be creative with the use of banners and consider implementing interactive text. Read more about Dynamic ads
  • If the offer is good, you can get away with a non-aggressive landing page

The things I like about IPP ads are that they don’t require a previous subscription and that I can finally reach iOS users without caring about the specific type of device.

Although I don’t have much information available on IPP ads and other verticals (except gaming and dating), this new format proved to me that it has a lot of potential. All you need to do is monitor your campaign regularly, follow the basics of good push ads, and be patient.

Until then, good luck with your ads!

Want to discuss this case study? You’re welcome to our comment section and Telegram chat! See you there 😛


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