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In-Page Push 2021: The History and Forecast


So, it has been a while since we have implemented the In-Page Push ads (IPP) ad format. This solution proved to be really successful – numerous impressive campaigns have been launched. Even though things went pretty well, we never stopped optimizing and improving the format. 

Today, we would like to be a bit nostalgic and tell you the story of IPP. We are glad to share our decisions with you, the ways the format changed, and what we expect in the future. If you haven’t tried IPP yet, well, it’s high time to do it! 

The new skins – like a breath of fresh air

One of the first and the best improvements we made for the IPP format was adding a brand new skin called Social. Here is how we came up with this idea:

  • The skin slightly reminds of the messages, which works great for communicative users – we are all social creatures (yes, this is the key for a skin name)
  • It is a perfect solution for Dating offers, because this vertical suggests online chatting
  • It also works great for Finance and iGaming, especially when the creatives tell success stories 

Take a look at the example:

propellerads interstitials - social skin

The first Social skin depicts a person who found a nice way to earn some money. She seems to be eager to share her recipe, so it’s hard to resist clicking. 

The second image is related to the Dating offer: a pretty lady offers to watch a movie together. Immortal classics. 

And here is another example related to the iGaming vertical: 

propellerads - social skin interstitials

The principle is the same – notifications work great since they evoke social interest and reliability.  

The stats will show us how default notifications (marked as Default) and those with Social skins (marked as Social) work in practice. Let’s compare:

Social1 562 56038 4392572.46
Default618 0718 838741.43

As you can see, the Default are not very efficient – their CTR makes 1.43%. At the same time, Social really strikes and makes 2.46%! 

However, we didn’t stop on the Social skin and added another one. We just couldn’t leave the verticals like Utilities and Software without something similarly appealing. So we implemented the brand new Light skin. 

  • Light skin is also a Push notification that slightly reminds a dialogue message
  • Such notifications suggest that users might need to clean their device or check if they have malware 
  • They look really natural and clickable, no less than Social ones

Here is the VPN offer example:

interstitials - vpn

As easy as a pie – you may want to reach the desired content, but it’s blocked. Just one click and you can have it all! Such offers are extremely popular around GEOs that restrict video streaming platforms or other portals where you can download something. 

And here is another neat and straightforward VPN notification:

interstitials - vpn

We were pretty impressed that after the implementation of these new skins, the CTR of our partners grew by 30%! This was the best confirmation that our idea made good sense. Want some proof? Then take a look at the numbers, where the default notification is marked as Default and the Light skin is marked accordingly:

Light1 041 98434 2813113.29
Default455 79210 1821042.234

Light wins when it comes to CTR – it is two times higher than the Default notifications show. Also, it shows an impressive Conversion Rate, which means that users trust the Light skin more.

Please note: Compared to Default, Social and Light skins might have a bit lower Conversion Rate. Indeed, they bring 50-70% more users to a landing page, but these visitors may convert less actively (about 15-20%). What does this mean? Using Light and Social skins, you should decrease your rate a bit, since you will receive numerous clicks, but they might pay off a bit less. 

Control of the IPP traffic quality

We care about the potential risks regarding ad fraud and want to protect our users from cheaters. Even though we have our own security measures, we decided that it makes sense to strengthen our defensive front. 

Luckily, we have a new upgraded in-house solution with a nice pack of super-advanced features to detect low-quality traffic and cut it off.

It is a module to check a portion of IPP traffic from each zone. As such, we perform even better analysis and react to real-time alerts quickly by isolating risky sources immediately. With an anti-fraud feature, we added a new level of security to your campaigns. Better traffic quality means more relevant visitors and therefore – higher CR.

User Activity Group update

We reconsidered User Activity groups to make your campaigns more efficient. High and Medium groups are associated with active users, but now there is more you can get from the Low group, as well.

We discovered a way to spread traffic smartly. As we have found, it was possible to reach the less active visitors and work with this group no less efficiently due to traffic grooming. So now affiliates can enjoy lower bids, cheaper but converting traffic, and pretty impressive campaign results. In a word, now you can work with the Low Activity group and get more converting users for a low price. 

We are still working on this improvement and plan to make the group definition even more advanced. We already have an ad placement quality parameter, but there is more to come. Currently, we work on the inactive periods parameter, which is especially useful for seasonal campaigns, like those occasioned with large sports events.

IPP traffic: general overview and crucial changes  

Now let’s talk about the fundamental changes of IPP format and focus on the juiciest aspects:

CTR growth 

In general, the IPP traffic volume grew by 70% during the last year. It used to make 70-75 million clicks, but now we can boast of 130 million monthly

CPA Goal

During the last year, CPA Goal became available for IPP. It is a set of optimization tools based on advanced machine learning algorithms and big data.

CPA Goal is now Available on Interstitials

CPA Goal evaluates traffic segments considering more than 20 variables and prioritizes the most converting ones. The tool considers your desired targeting and CPA to make campaigns more effective. 

PropellerAds Audiences 

We have launched a marvelous feature for precise targeting – PropellerAds Audiences. Available for Push and IPP, the tool allows you to adjust targeting with a couple of clicks. You can advertise to custom audiences compiled by demographics and interests just by choosing it in the Targeting section of your Gold or Platinum account.

As such, you can reach people interested in particular types of offers (iGaming, eCommerce, Dating, Utilities, etc.), considering their age and gender.

Precise targeting brings better campaign results. Just make sure to check the traffic volumes and set everything accordingly. 

And don’t you miss this shiny PropellerAds Audiences case study

Top GEOs

  • Brazil

Brazil makes 550K clicks daily, which makes this GEO a real click champion. As for the revenue, Brazil confidently keeps second place. 

  • India + Indonesia

These GEOs are the second and the third ones in the rating of clicks volume – they make 450K and 300K per day.  

  • USA

Talking about revenue, the USA takes the first place among all GEOs around the globe. As for the clicks, it brings 250K daily.  

  • Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam)

The South Asian GEOs make 400K clicks daily. 

  • Great Britain and the most developed countries of South Africa 

These GEOs can also boast of 100K clicks daily.

Top verticals 

All of these verticals work perfectly for all GEOs and even multi-GEO campaigns (especially, Dating):

  • Utilities (VPN + Cleaner)
  • Dating
  • Sweeps
  • Finance
  • iGaming 

When working with these verticals, mind the relevant placement and the best time for your ads. For example, Utilities and iGaming work great when combined with sports streaming. By the way, let’s discuss it! 

And now the forecast for the near future! 

We bet that you want to know which are the most prominent events waiting for us. How else can IPP impress you? How can you earn more? 

Well, our main forecast for the future of IPP sounds like this: it is just perfect for sports events. IPP will definitely show wonders during the following shows:

  • Tokyo Olympics 

One of the brightest events of 2021, the Tokyo Olympics, will take place from 23 July to 8 August. Three weeks of amazing sports traffic! Want some?

  • Top European football championships 

Keep it hot, dear readers, because right after the Olympics in Japan, on 13-14 of August, we will witness the largest football matches in the world – Premier League, German Bundesliga, Scottish Leagues, Spanish League, Belgian League, and much more. 

  • Brazilian League Serie A and Copa Libertadores 

Time to aim at Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Uruguay, and other hot GEOs. Locals will glue themselves to the screens and millions of eyes will watch these amazing matches for sure. And your ads. 

Time to test the mightiness of IPP in practice! Enjoy all the improvements we have done during the last year and stay tuned – we will keep on gladdening you.  

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