Sports Website + In-Page Push Banner = Extra money!

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The UEFA Champions League Final, NBA Finals, Wimbledon, Summer Olympics… So many global sports events to come!

We couldn’t stay away and realized an opportunity for our Publishers to earn extra money with our new In-Page Push ads Banner advertising format.

PropellerAds announces a “30 + 1” promo action for owners of sports sites!

Why “30+1” and what does it mean?

You place the In-Page Push Banner tag on your sports website ➡️ Leave this tag on your website for 30 days ➡️ Get paid for 30 days and we’ll pay for one extra day as a gift!

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your bonus:

1. Place the In-Page Push Banner tag on your sports website
2. Fill out this form
3. Don’t remove the tag for 30 days
4. After 30 days, send an email to with the subject “MY 30+1 BONUS”
5. Get paid for 30 days +1 more day as a bonus from PropellerAds!

Why is PropellerAds the best platform for sports traffic monetization?

  • A wide variety of advertising formats for any monetization strategy: In-Page Push Banners, Push ads, Popunder ads (aka Onclick), Native Ads
  • High CPM rates
  • We monetize traffic from all countries
  • Clean advertising feed without malware, adult, or misleading ads
  • SEO safe, no Google penalties

Thousands of sports sites are already monetizing with us, and now it’s your turn!

Terms & conditions

  • The average daily number of In-Page Push Banner impressions should be at least 1000
  • The offer is valid for new sites or those that haven’t previously worked with the In-Page Push Banners
  • Your site should be sports-themed. Sites of other themes can not participate in the action
  • Your website should be in the top-500,000 Alexa rank
  • The value of a +1 bonus day is calculated from the average daily earnings with the In-Page Push Banner for the previous 30 days starting from the date of filling out the form
  • The offer is valid until 31.07.2020

Need help? 

If you have extra questions about this promo or need assistance with the In-Page Push Banner tag, you can always contact your personal manager or our Support Team.


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