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Alexandra Nekrasova

Sasha is a writer and digital marketer with 12 years of experience in being a know-it-all. She’ll teach you how to build irresistible landing pages, write kick-ass copy, and drive people into clicking frenzy with your creatives. But since she’s also quite lazy, don’t expect a new post every other week, duh.

what affects Conversion Rate
Tutorials for Beginners

14 Factors That Affect Affiliate Conversion Rate

Starting from the offer/vertical, creatives, multiple targeting combinations to sources of traffic — all this can either make your campaign a huge success or a total mo...

traffic - Estimator
Tutorials for Beginners

Traffic Estimator: Your Spyglass in the Sea of Profit

Traffic Estimator is a graph that shows all the traffic in our system available with your targeting settings. So, when exploring new GEOs, or other targeting, it helps yo...

How to optimize Push campaigns
Affiliate Marketing

How Not To Screw Up Launching Push Campaigns: Part II

Read about optimizing your Push campaign after you get your first results. We answer the most common questions and give some expert tips.

How to monetize Push subscriptions - webinar

[FREE Webinar] 3 Ways to Monetize Push Subscriptions

Come to our next FREE webinar, and we’ll tell you about three bulletproof methods of monetizing push subscriptions. We show real stats and real cases so you’ll be abl...