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Cost per Click (CPC) Bidding for Interstitials is Now Available

CPC bidding for interstitials

More bidding models mean more flexibility for our advertisers!

Today, we expand the range of available bidding options for Interstitial ads – now you can buy traffic with CPC bidding.

CPC for Interstitials

Why CPC rocks?

In short, you get charged only when someone clicks on your ad. You pay nothing if no one clicks: your ad can get in front of thousands of people, but you are not charged if the user didn’t click.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you should stop improving your creatives. If your campaign has a low CTR it would be sidelined and stop getting traffic at some point.

CPC is also one of the most beneficial bidding models for advertisers who know exactly how much they are willing to spend. This way, you are getting full control over your budget.

Another serious advantage is that your ad campaigns bring quality leads. Why? Because users who are not interested won’t click. That easy 🙂

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What about money?

We offer one of the lowest CPC rates in the market:

  • Min. bid is $0.005

Pay attention that the minimum bid may vary depending on the GEO you target. The minimum, recommended and the maximum bids are specified in the tooltip next to the bid field.

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