Are you curious to know how you can monetize your website with different ad formats? Knowing this could help you improve your monthly performance as a beginner or even more experienced publisher. Find out more about testing new strategies, diversifying your offering, or just getting more with less.

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Monetizing with Popunders

Popunders or OnClicks, clearly are one of the most profitable formats, and not only in our network but in the market in general. You can use them to save up website ad space.

How so? Well, Popunders only appear in a new tab once the viewer clicks anywhere on the page they’re navigating. How awesome is that?!

So, in order to continue navigating on the main site, they first need to leave the Popunder tab.

Choose between JS and PHP integrations, and get the most of your traffic by also monetizing AdBlocker traffic with PropellerAds’ Popunders.

You can even increase your profit by 100% with our Popunder AdBlocker tags, while also protecting your website from antivirus warnings.

Hard to believe? Here’s a perfect example of what one of our publishers managed to get by running our Popunders: 

propellerads - popunder stats

Of course, this here is the outcome of real experience in the field and dedication, and you shouldn’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve the same results immediately after you get started.

Find out all about Onclick Ads.

The best Websites for Popunder Traffic

Popunders are also very versatile and can be used pretty much with every kind of website, from personal blogs to media, or even eCommerce.

The benefits of running Popunders

Users skip the banner ad stage and get exposed directly to the entire site or landing page. And all it takes for them to “activate” the popunder, is to click anywhere on your website.

This way you can potentially monetize all your incoming traffic. And don’t forget that CPM payouts for Popunders are significantly higher than traditional display ads and can get you up to 200% more revenue.

And that’s not all. Here are a couple more Popunder benefits:

Best Practices to Monetize with Popunders

Twice as many Pops won’t bring you twice as much money.

The default setting of 6 ads/6 hours /45 seconds might be better than 3 ads / 6 hours / 45 seconds when it comes to revenue, but it won’t double it. 

One thing that we suggest is to adjust your setting based on the audience preferences. For instance, streaming site traffic is used with high-frequency capping.

And that works because they accept advertising as the only way for them to get free services and you to also cover your expenses.

The opposite goes for traffic coming from social and news sites – where it’s best to lower your ad frequency.

As the experience on these websites is more personal, they care more about their privacy and don’t like being bombarded with ads.

As a rule of thumb, you can start with the default setting, and adjust from there once you gain more experience.

Monetizing with Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the second most profitable format you can use with PropellerAds. This format is so popular as we are the network that basically invented it 3,5 years ago.

Being so close to home with this format, we also have a huge advertisers base, and the best technology on the market. 

In fact, we made the comparison with one of our main competitors in terms of Push technology, and we won in the number of subscribers. 

Plus, with Push as well, you can use our Anti-AdBlocker, and enjoy all its many perks. 

Read this, and Push Notifications won’t have any more secrets from you.

The best Websites for Push Traffic

Push Notifications are the sports shoes of advertising. You can mix and match them with pretty much everything. 

Their native look makes them extremely user-friendly, while the opt-in makes your traffic trust these small alerts, hence your website.

In addition, since they don’t disrupt the flow of reading or appear under or above the main page, they remain one of the most appreciated means of advertising. 

At the same time, Push Notifications are reassuring, since they give users the possibility of personally connecting with your website, and staying in contact even when they’re not navigating.

In other words, no matter what niche you’re active in, or what your website is about, Push notifications will always bring a nice touch.

The benefits of running Push Notifications

This format is based on an opt-in model, so your users will only receive them as long as they accept to do it. Also, knowing that they can deactivate Push at any moment, they feel in control. 

And you want users to have this feeling when engaging with your website.

In addition, Push Notifications work even when the user isn’t navigating on your website, or even if you close the website. You’ll simply see the payment for the traffic in your PropellerAds cabinet.

Best Practices to Monetize with Push Notifications

For the best results, we recommend you secure your HTTP domain (if it isn’t already secured) and use the Push tag along with the sw.js subscription window. This way you can earn up to 25% more.

All you’ll need to do is upload the service worker in your website’s root directory, and make sure yours is an HTTPS domain. Otherwise, the service worker will be useless.

After carefully studying consumer preferences, we observed that the best results are obtained when the Push notifications frequency is once per day (for both, publishers and advertisers).

If you are not sure how to properly set up push notifications for your website, make sure to get in touch with our support team using the chat bubble, from the bottom right corner of your account.

Monetizing with In-Page Push

Reaching iOS traffic is possible thanks to this technological wonder. In-Page Push (IPP) is a small floating banner that acts as a Push Notification, and can also be shown when users aren’t browsing.

However, we don’t collect subscribers via IPP.

What makes these small alerts so loved by publishers worldwide is the fact that they are even less intrusive, by mimicking, or adapting to the website’s native style.

This format is a great way to increase your traffic, especially if you are already using Push and Pops. 

The best Websites for In-Page Push Traffic

Just as with Push notifications, you can also run IPP on absolutely any kind of website. In addition, the skins offer more customization, making In-Page Push match the website and appear as native.

The benefits of running In-Page Push Notifications

In-Page Push comes with all the many benefits of classic Push notifications, but they also add a few more: 

IPP benefits

Best Practices to Monetize with In-Page Push Notifications

This kind of Push notification goes great with new websites, as they are friendlier and more inviting. You’ll only be subtly introducing ads to your viewers.

When it comes to the frequency you set for In-Page Push, our experience dictates that you should draw the line at no more than three per day.

Otherwise, as with everything in high dosages, you risk driving your traffic away.

Also, if you are a newbie and not sure how to set up the tag, contact our support team and they’ll help you get settled in.

Whether you call them ‘smart-links’ or just ‘directs’, these links are one of the most flexible traffic monetization options for publishers. 

This ad format allows you to generate revenues and send traffic to advertisers in any way. All you need to do is add the link we provide (which takes users to a feed with thousands of different landing pages and offers).

Then, our optimization team will match it with the most profitable offer for your niche and specific channel, and continue optimizing the landing pages and offers to give you the best results. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to websites, as this format can work perfectly with any niche. All you need to do is figure out where to place them on the page, and you’re all set.

direct links benefits

#1. Use heat-maps to see which are the areas that most attract users to click, and add your direct links right there.

#2. The best GEOs for this kind of traffic are tier 1 countries: Canada, the US, the UK, Europe, etc.

#3. Constantly optimize, if you’re getting traffic from direct channels rather than from search engines. Because users might get used to the elements that trigger ads, you could lose potential traffic.

Monetizing Interstitials

Do you feel that Push notifications are too short, and Pops can’t capture the essence of your ads properly? Then Interstitials are your best bet.

This format appears on the same page the user is navigating on, and covers it. They also feature a close button, and the possibility to add a countdown until close (to create a sense of urgency). 

In addition, you can set a delay from the moment the user arrives on the page, to trigger the ad and not frustrate them by hiding their valuable content. 

The best Websites for Interstitials

  • Social websites
  • Streaming platforms
  • MP3 and music streaming
  • Media players
  • Anime

The benefits of running Interstitials

Interstitials - benefits

Best Practices to Monetize with Interstitials

#1. Since Interstitials allow you to change the size, delays, frequency, and device targeting, we advise you to test and find the best combinations for your traffic.

After testing we found that the best delay for Interstitials is 10 seconds. Although this might work for most websites, you can also adjust it to be as low as 2 seconds.

However, the best would be to adjust the timing based on how long your users spend on your website.

#2. Add them on the page with the best results in terms of traffic. 

For example, if you’re running a blog, that might be a homepage. In case it’s a live streaming website, the page with the latest titles might be it. Or for a media website, the Top News might be it.

To check which one’s yours you can use various analytics tools.

#3. Check on which platforms you generate the best volumes

You should choose to add interstitials on the platform that brings you the best results and just continue testing to make sure it stays like that.

Monetizing with MultiTag

Can’t decide which format to feature? MultiTag solves this issue for you. Simply add this beauty to your website, and it will help you find the best format.

The algorithm of the MultiTag finds the best format that will both generate the highest revenue and create the best experience for your users. 

The best Websites for MultiTag

There is no website that couldn’t benefit from the use of MultiTags. And the same goes for every experience level. But more on this, in the rows that will follow.

The benefits of running MultiTag

Multitag benefits

Best Practices to Monetize with MultiTag

#1. If you are a new publisher start by using MultiTag, as it allows you to set your website on auto-pilot, and you won’t have to be concerned about analyzing and optimizing. 

#2. If you are an experienced user, this is a great way to compare the results you’re getting. You might find new ways to generate more traffic. At the same time, you’ll get to see what a new format can generate for you.

#3. Don’t forget to download the sw.js (for Push Notifications) file, for your HTTPS website, to increase your revenue by up to 25%.

The saying true knowledge comes from practice also applies to monetization.

So make sure to test everything by yourself when it comes to monetization, or ask for more guidance from our Account Managers.


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