No more lost revenues because of AdBlock!

The entire online advertising industry suffers because of AdBlocking. Users who are your prospective clients install these extensions to block ads and filter content. After all, you invested a lot of effort in your site, so don’t you have every right to receive income from advertising? You do.

Who is suffering the most because of the use of AdBlockers?

Obviously, it’s you, our publishers – the webmasters who provide free services to users and do not monetize their sites in any other way, than from advertising.

This way, the users continue getting what they were looking for, absolutely for free.

The downside: they’re stopping the owner of the website from getting any profit for himself or the website’s maintenance (server payment, hosting, salaries, etc.).

In addition, because webmasters are suffering this drawback, they might be supplementing the ads or the frequency they’re shown on the website to compensate for the loss.

This measure affects users that don’t have AdBlockers because they will be forced to view more ads or more frequently.

How Much Revenue do you Lose Every day to Ad Blockers?

Sadly, the popularity of ad-blocking continues to grow, and as such, you continue to lose money.

However, we can observe a slight drop in the number of AdBlocking installs over the last four years. Unfortunately, that drop is canceled by a constant increase in internet users.

Just take a look at these statistics from the US that perfectly sum-up the situation from the main GEOs:

Source: eMarketer

Let’s fight AdBlock!

Here are some well-known methods to defeat Ad Blocking:

  • kindly ask users to disable AdBlock;
  • deny them access to the website;
  • do nothing and wait for changes.

It is certain that you have heard about these ways or even tested them.

We can even bet that you found out how absolutely inefficient they are. AdBlock became a painful problem for publishers from the very beginning and time has come to lead up the ball.

Indeed, some AdBlock bypass solutions are already on the market, but we were determined to make something different. The development process, as well as testing, took long, but it was worth the effort.

We are happy to present to you the most hard-line solution against AdBlock, providing an additional income for publishers – ANTI-AdBlock by PropellerAds.

How it works?

No magic. The solution’s scheme is quite simple. Nothing else matters but the fact that the result is sustainable – the ads being displayed to your audience. Always.

Here are two scenarios:
a) Anti-AdBlock code NOT installed
Users with AdBlock

Users don’t see your advertizing and publishers are still in lack of income.

b) Anti-AdBlock code by PropellerAds installed
Adblock bypass technology by PropellerAds

Your ads are shown to the users, bypassing AdBlock, but this is not the whole story. Besides, these users receive only specially adapted and tested advertising campaigns.

These adblock-ready campaigns are not only displayed, but also personalized to adblock users.

The result: you gain additional revenue (up to 50% or even 80% more audience for certain niches, depending on the geo and platform) on such traffic!

How to Integrate Anti-AdBlock and Increase profit?

With PropellerAds you can enjoy our in-house developed Anti-Adblock solution for all our ad formats – Onclick Ads (Popunder), Push Notifications, In-Page Push.

As a Publisher, you may choose one of the two versions of Anti-Adblock codes – Javascript and PHP.

The Javascript code is the easiest to install, but you’ll be forced to update the JS-code manually (although less frequently than in the past) every time the ad code gets banned by AdBlock filters.

PHP code needs some development skills to implement it, but provides you unlimited anti-adblock support for an ad channel without having to replace the code regularly.

If your hosting provider supports PHP, we strongly recommend that you use the PHP version of Anti-Adblock code.

We’ve added detailed step-by-step guides on how to get the Anti-Adblock ad codes and how to integrate them into your website in our knowledge base:

  • How to get an Anti-Adblock code for OnclickAds (popunder ads)
  • How to get the code with Anti-Adblock support for Blogspot and WordPress
  • How to integrate OnclickAds code with Anti-Adblock support

Easily integrate OnclickAds Anti-Adblock code into WordPress

For all publishers who run websites on WordPress, we released the first version of the official plugin that lets publishers easily integrate OnclickAds codes & enable Anti-Adblock support. 

The plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress repository.

Please refer to our knowledge base article for instructions on how to install & manage ads with the plugin.

If you are experiencing any problems with the integration of the Anti-Adblock codes – get in touch with us via Telegram or contact your personal manager.

Why is PropellerAds Anti-AdBlocker the best solution?

Since our main goal is to provide you with the best service in the market, we continue to develop and grow our technical department. 

For this, we’ve created a special team that is solely responsible for AdBlock tag creation. They’re constantly updating our solutions based on all the key market factors like Google updates, new AdBlocker technologies, or Antiviruses.

This is why our AdBlock tags are not only bypassing all kinds of AdBlockers with maximum efficiency, but they also help make websites immune to antivirus filters.

In addition, our Anti-AdBlock tags are long-lasting, requiring less-frequent JS code updates. Moreover, you can also use a PHP-AdBlock, that doesn’t even require any further changes from your side any longer. 

Clearly, PropellerAds’ Anti-AdBlock is the best solution for publishers that gives no chances to AdBlock!

Log in to your account, get the Anti-Adblock code and maximize your revenue!

Editor’s Note: Originally published on October 14th, 2016, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.


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