Most of Propeller Ads publishers stick with Pop-unders because they generate the biggest profit among all ad units. Today we’re going to see the horrifying truth behind the good revenue.
For the majority of users, Pop-under ads are the dark horse in the world of Advertising. Every site owner secretly wants to give it a try but has already heard some scary stories about how Pop-unders hurt the user experience and cause your site to receive Google penalties.
That’s why we’ve decided to ask Propeller Ads experts to comment on top myths about Pop-under ads. Let’s hear the truth at last!

With so many ways to make money online, it can get a little confusing which avenue to choose. You could write your own eBook, sell affiliate products or create a list and hope prospects buy what you email.
But all of them take a lot of time and effort and don’t guarantee you with revenue. Maybe you can’t write so well, don’t know which affiliate products to sell or are hopeless with list building – then what?
Propeller Ads – that’s what.
Unlike any other form of website monetization, Propeller Ads doesn’t require you to have any skills or online marketing knowledge. Here’s 5 reasons why thousands of website owners and Internet marketers are using Propeller Ads to make money online.