New Optimization System – higher yield for Publishers

PropellerAds sees no limit to progress! Meet our new optimization system, based on Intelligent Predictive Algorithms integrated with Big Data solutions. We adopted it to make our Publishers’ work easier and more profitable.

These changes affect the Popunder Ads and Native Direct Ads, the most popular of our ad formats, generating the highest revenues for any site.

Most crucially, the time spent on optimization is now greatly reduced after the new advanced optimization system is implemented. Publishers often had to wait 3–7 days for optimization of new ad channels (ad zones) to get the highest eCPM rates. PropellerAds doesn’t want to keep you waiting, so we reduced the expected time by … 90%! But how does it work?

Embedding this methodology allows multifactorial algorithms to operate with impressive efficiency and velocity. This performance is based on Big Data technologies. Using Big Data processing, we have implemented and improved the predictive algorithms.

By relying on information about the individual user’s behavior and interests, we can begin to show the most relevant advertising without any delay.

As a result, the higher eCPM (depending on a number of factors) is now achieved in a shorter time period, even with a low amount of traffic. In other words, less time for test = more revenue in total.

Improve your results with PropellerAds!

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