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User Activity Targeting for OnClick | Your Targeting Checklist

User Activity Targeting for OnClick

When it comes to targeting, there’s always room for further improvement!

This week, we add a new targeting option for our Popunder ads format – User Activity targeting.

Following our recent release of this unique feature for Push ads, we developed a similar solution for OnClick ads: target the audience that is just the right fit for your ad campaign without large-scale optimization hassle.


What is all about?

Now you have 4 user-activity targeting options: High, Medium, Low, and All.

We have already explained the thinking and the technology behind the new targeting option in our previous post.

The users are distributed into activity groups based on time factor – when the user first saw our ads, and on various behavior factors – one of the aspects is how selective the users are in terms of clicking the ads.

Note! Every user activity group is legit: we guarantee that only real users would see your ads. Yet, each user activity group requires a different approach to make your campaign perform to its fullest potential.

Checklist: How do you know what user-activity group to target?

This might seem a bit daunting at first, but the new targeting option is pretty straightforward and can seriously simplify your life – easier and faster optimization and more campaign automation.

Before selecting a certain targeting option, consider answering these questions:

1. What are your campaign goals?

Badly need conversions? Go for the High group. Branding and growing awareness – start with Low or select All.

2. What’s your budget?

Want to get the maximum reach at the lowest cost – Low option would be the best choice. Ready to pay some extra for more engaged users – test the High option.

3. How much time do you have for testing?

If you need fast and quality results – choose High or Medium, have time for testing and experiments – go for Low or All.

4. Is it a new product/offer or you have a tested campaign?

Do you have a new product with brand new creatives? Test it first with the High option, and then expand the reach to Medium and Low. Have a stellar campaign? Go straight to Medium or Low.

5. How narrow is your Geo and Device targeting?

You were super specific about Device or Geotargeting, and now the estimator shows that the expected reach is rather low. In this case, no need to further constrict the reach of your ads – select All or Low.

How to set up this option

Within the campaign creation menu, click the “Create Campaign” button. Afterwards, select the ad format “OnClick” and proceed to User Activity targeting that you will see right below the basic campaign settings.

Ready to launch?

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