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Direct Click: Your Shortest Way to the Most Engaged Audience

direct click traffic

Behold, meet PropellerAds’ new feature! From now on, our dear customers have a great opportunity to choose a new traffic type – Direct Click

So do you want some crème de la crème traffic? How about a super-engaged audience? With Direct Click, it’s possible in one move. This feature provides access to the list of chosen ad placements and allows you to purchase a direct visit right to your offer. 

As our tests show, for some targeting settings (depending on a slice), Direct Click might bring 120 times higher conversion rate than any other traffic type!

Right now, this option is available for:

Ad format: Onclick 

Direct Click includes different types of placements and formats, so it is more than just buying the ad zone. When you use it, visitors get to your offer directly – no extra steps or creatives are needed, which makes the conversion flow shorter. 

Reasons to try Direct Click  

With Direct Click, you get access to the most converting audience within chosen targeting settings. This way, you start working with the ace-high traffic, which ensures top campaign performance and the best impressions.

Here is why you should definitely give it a try:

  • Simple and fast access to the most relevant and active audience. With Direct Click, you don’t have to optimize your campaigns for a long time – top traffic becomes yours right away;
  • Really high CR. As proved by our internal tests, Direct Click can boast of impressive results regarding CR – from 10 to 120 times higher
  • Exclusive option for speedy tests of your new offers. With Direct Click, you don’t have to buy tons of traffic for a test – users are already maximally engaged.
  • Top-notch traffic sources within reach. These sources were hard to test before. Now you can try working with them and enjoy truly great campaign results.

Direct Click is a great solution for everyone looking for the best traffic received at a stroke. Give it a try and see your campaigns bringing incredible results!

Extra-hot verticals for Direct Click campaigns

Even though Direct Click shows great results whatever vertical you work with, we have prepared a top list of the juiciest ones:

You should definitely give it a try! Still, if you work with any other offer type – that’s okay, our new feature is universal. 

How to activate Direct Click?

Wondering how to bring your campaigns to the next level? Here is how:

  • Log into your account
  • Create a new campaign
  • Set Direct Click traffic type
Propellerads - how to find direct click

Here you go. Now the best traffic is totally yours. Send the users right to your offers and make your campaign perform like never before. Don’t leave your competitors a chance!   

Want to discuss Direct Click? Don’t be shy – join our friendly Telegram chat!


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