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Direct Click Best Practices and Stats 2022 [Infographics]

Check our Direct Click guide! Find tips and statistics in the infographics, learn everything about this feature, and get ready to launch your campaign!

Domain Redirect Traffic
Tutorials for Beginners

What is Domain Redirect Traffic?

Want to know what domain redirect traffic is? We tell you exactly how it works, how to get it with Direct Click, and why all advertisers want it so badly

Tutorials for Beginners

Direct Click FAQ: Getting Exquisite Traffic

Find out everything about Direct Click, how it works, what it does, and how to best use it. We answer all your questions about this kind of OnClick traffic

Case Studies

Unlocking the Potential of Direct Click Traffic Type [Case Study]

Read this case study to see how Direct Click ensures the most converting traffic and therefore - highly-active users that are likely to convert

direct click traffic
Platform Updates

Direct Click: Your Shortest Way to the Most Engaged Audience

Direct Click provides access to the list of chosen ad placements and allows you to purchase a direct visit right to your offer