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Direct Click FAQ: Getting Exquisite Traffic


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Direct Click traffic is drawing more and more attention with its exclusive traffic quality, top-of-the-notch AI-based technology, and impressive results. And with all the fuss surrounding it, people are craving for more information. It makes a lot of sense after all. They want to know how to best put this amazing tool to work. 

So, to cut a long story short and make things simpler, we’ve gathered all the most important questions from our clients and we’re giving you all the answers. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Direct Click in our short and to-the-point FAQ.

Not sure what Direct Click is?

1. How does Direct Click work in terms of audiences, zones, whitelists, and users?

Direct Click is a new traffic type which consists of parked domain and top converting ad placements traffic, selected by our Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to provide no-creative direct visits to your offers. 

While Direct Click doesn’t target specific zones, it does open the way to some hard-to-access ones. What it does is act almost as a whitelist for your campaign. It relies on a specially designed algorithm made to detect the best performing traffic, that is right on the point to convert.

This traffic type keeps growing, including new websites, and giving you access to freshly engaged users.

2. Are the OnClick and Direct Click zones the same?

Nope. Direct Click zones are a special kind of traffic that includes top Popunder and also parking domain zones, which express interest in your type of offer. 

This is hand-picked top-converting, ad placement traffic. The specially designed filtering system that we developed for the Direct Click ensures that you get the best performing traffic.

3. What is a direct-visit right to your offer?

With direct clicks users aren’t shown any creatives, but instead they’re redirected straight to your offer.

Once a user makes a click, our system runs filtering algorithms to evaluate the user and find the most suitable offer for him. As a result, you are bidding for the click which already happened and was filtered by our system across various parameters. 

This way, instead of the user being dragged down a funnel, it lands straight on your offer where (from the statistics we’ve gathered so far) he’ll most likely convert.

4. How much traffic is available on Direct Click?

Volumes vary from day to day. However, you can check traffic estimates available when creating a Direct Click campaign to understand how much traffic you’re auctioning for.

PropellerAds - Direct Click Traffic Estimator
Direct Click – Traffic Estimator

5. Why is this traffic worth more?

Direct Click is worth more mostly due to its quality, volume, and the opportunity to instantly get access to this kind of traffic. However, when running the tests you will notice that you’ll require far less traffic per zone to evaluate its true performance. 

In other words, the limited volumes due to the quality restrictions and high demand lead to higher traffic prices. But all of these translate into exceptional performance.


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 6. How does Direct Click include different placement types and formats, when it’s only available on OnClick?

We completely changed the way that OnClick works to bring you DirectClick and add more traffic types and formats to the mix of said campaigns. The overall placement that we are using for this kind of traffic is rather new. 

What we can say for the moment is that this traffic includes parking domain traffic. And yes, to help boost the volumes we have partnered with companies providing this particular kind of traffic, in addition to working on in-house options.

7. How much higher is the Conversion Rate for Direct Click?

According to our clients’ feedback so far, we noticed that compared with similar campaigns on OnClick they registered higher CR by at least 20 – 40%.

Moreover, based on internally conducted tests, we have verified Conversion Rates that go up to 120 times higher, compared with that of any other kind of traffic.

PropellerAds - Good CR

Is your Conversion Rate good enough?

8. What verticals work best on Direct Click?

Some of the current top list verticals for Direct Clicks are iGaming, Pinsubmit, Sweepstakes,  Extensions, Utilities, Finance, and eCommerce.

Nonetheless, you might get exceptional results on other verticals as well. The best thing you can do is to run tests and see how your offer performs.

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9. Should I use Direct Click as a self-sustained campaign or use it to scale other campaigns?

In fact, you can use it for both. Direct Click works perfectly as a way to evaluate the performance of a new offer. Based on the results you obtain you can plan from there what next steps you should take. It delivers exceptional results, and can be effectively used as a stand-alone campaign.

The format works amazingly in a scenario when you already have a well-performing offer and want to further scale it – it can be a great option for that. In fact, direct click gives you the possibility to launch on top-performing placements, getting access to the amazing traffic.

To ensure good volume it is recommended to bump up the CPA goal or CPM bids of your campaigns.

10. What are the other perks of working with Direct Clicks?

Even when used for just a couple of days, Direct Click delivers great results, based on our client’s feedback. It has proven to lower standard OnClick campaigns’ CPA by up to 50-60%. 

Moreover, Direct Click gives you an opportunity to test your offers faster and get first statistics quicker. And although the volumes are not some of the highest at the moment, the costs for a Direct Click campaign are more than worth it.

The top countries (volumes wise) for the last 7 days are: IN, ID, PH, US, BR, ZA, NG.

Have more questions about Direct Click? Help us make the list longer by leaving them in the comment section below. Or simply join our Telegram chat


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