Not only newcomers but also experienced affiliates rarely consider Africa as a potential source of income. Well, of course, all of us are aiming at prosperous and rich countries, where thousands of crispy dollars teem around. However, dear affiliates, no matter how shiny Tier 1 list is, you just cannot fix upon it alone. 

Take a look at Africa! It is full of promising GEOs. This is a huge and extremely diverse continent, where countries vary by numerous traces. Looking at the African map, you will see a vast amount of wealthy and interesting regions, neighbouring upon less developed ones. 

Today, we are going to discuss the most profitable African GEOs, like ZA (South Africa), KE (Kenya), and EG (Egypt). 

You will find out which verticals perform best of all, how to adjust your targeting, which creatives convert, and more. Get tips, tricks, insights, and the most crucial – the stats. Read and discover the best approaches to catch up to Africa.

The background: general facts about Africa 

Africa is a densely populated and rapidly developing continent. To make your campaigns precise and thoughtful, you should be aware of the general facts:

#1 Not all GEOs are equally great for affiliate marketing

If you aim at Africa, make sure to choose the right GEO. Remember that each of them is special and has its own peculiarities regarding language, culture, and customers’ habits. In this article, we will discuss three top GEOs, so you are highly recommended to consider them for your campaigns. 

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#2 A half population of  Africa uses the Internet 

According to Internet World Stats, the Internet penetration in Africa was 39.3% last year. It’s almost half the population and the numbers continue growing. For instance, in rich South Africa, 56.2% of locals use the Internet daily. 

 #3 There is money out there

Just to let you know, Africa can boast of huge traffic volumes for very low prices. The competition is low because of the stereotypes shared by most affiliates. There is a belief that Africa is a poor country and people never heard of the blessing of civilization there. It’s not true, especially if you focus on the right GEOs.   

How to make your creatives flawless (and converting)?  

Which creatives fit when you work with African GEOs? Are they any different from European ones? Well, we have a couple of amazing insights to share. So, here is what you need to know:

  • Don’t be shy with your ideas

As ZA, KE, and EG are relatively green GEOs for affiliate marketing, the locals don’t really mind simple and sometimes – a bit aggressive creatives. Pick something really bright, appealing, and clickable. Remember that locals haven’t seen most of the creatives that finished blooming around Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries. They still work here.

PropellerAds_How to test ad creatives

Learn how to test your creatives and make the most of them!

  • Brands and local celebrities

If you see a creative template with a person who looks similar to a local African celebrity, grab it immediately – the locals are crazy about such ads. This is especially true for such verticals as Finance and namely – crypto offers. People perceive recommendations from their idols extremely positively, but make sure not to use the photos of celebrities directly. The similarity is key.

  • Videos 

Short videos and interactive ads perform great in ZA, KE, and EG. Pay special attention to Dating offers with such ad elements – the locals love them. And nothing attracts attention more intensively than such banners. 

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  • Success stories

Even those Africans who live in rather wealthy countries share the same dream – they want to be successful and rich. Most locals are excited when they see dazzling stories of their fellow countrymen who achieved striking prosperity. Such content works amazingly well with Finance offers, especially crypto and loans – they are so inspiring.

As you can see, some of the tendencies are pretty standard, but there are some special aspects to consider. Make your creatives straightforward and simple, use stories, videos, and offer something irresistible, like bonuses, discounts, promos, etc. 

Targeting specifics 

Africa seems unusual when you observe it from far. Yes, there are peculiarities unique to this continent, but this is not a wild mix at all. Let’s see:


Africa is a leader when it comes to dialects and language groups. South Africa, one of the GEOs that interest us, is a real champion here. No literally! This GEO entered the Guinness Book of Records with its 11 official languages: Afrikaans, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho… And, yes, English is included, so don’t panic). 

When working with Egypt, you should use English as well as Arab language. The latter is widely used all around the African Internet and most continent dwellers understand it. Still, the locals do speak English pretty well, too. The explanation is elementary – Egypt is a resort region located not so far from Europe. 

The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili. While Swahili is the language of primary education and small-scale trade, English is a language of government, business, and higher education. You can still use it for your campaigns – most Internet users in Kenya know it. 


According to our statistics, the majority of African users prefer mobile Internet, so we recommend targeting portable devices only. Namely – Android OS. People use Samsung devices and Google Chrome browsers here, so targeting iOS doesn’t make too much sense. Statista reports:


Also, keep in mind that 3G traffic is extremely widespread around ZA, EG, and KE. Mind this when choosing the offer. 

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Currently, African GEOs are in the course of their development. The locals are fresh to numerous offers and creatives that have known better days around Europe. 

Africans are likely to buy affordable software, pay for mobile subscriptions, and purchase entertaining content online. Also, they are new to lotteries and giveaways, especially with luxury prizes. 

You can find thousands of such offers and start earning money with ease. 

As we have already started discussing potentially successful offers, let’s move to the best-performing verticals and see what is happening there. 


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What do Africans want: the best-performing verticals and ad formats 

Here are the stats for seven days, gathered around the campaigns launched in ZA, KE, and EG. Take a look at the numbers and enjoy!

Country: ZA

Format Impressions Clicks Traffic share
Onclick           26,702,843 62%
Push           322,446,417 1,928,021 36%
Interstitial           5,465,076 307,513 1%

In general, when it comes to Impressions, Push is victorious in ZA. Onclick is the second-best, while Interstitials – the third. 

South Africans love sports, especially their local football matches. Sports offers are really popular here, so don’t you miss the next event relevant for the locals! 

Vertical Impressions Traffic share Average CPM
Sports 6,562,084 26% $2.82
Mobile subscriptions 2,255,453 21% $6.46
iGaming 3,410,283 14% $2.93
Propellerads - sporting events calendar for affiliates

Keep this cool interactive calendar at hand not to miss any of the upcoming sports events! 

Mobile subscriptions are also popular here – they offer paid content for a smartphone, be it a game, application, or anything like that. Africans use mobile devices actively and therefore – eagerly buy such content. 

And iGaming closes the chain of absolute leaders. As you may know, this vertical interplays with football matches, box, and other similar events perfectly, just like Sports offers do. 

Push notifications
Vertical Impressions Clicks Traffic share Average CTR Average CPC
Dating 76,874,977 531,360 35% 0.69% $0.027
Sweepstakes 41,565,035 306,963 21% 0.74% $0.028
Sports 18,466,069 166,375 13% 0.90% $0.031

Dating really strikes when it comes to Push notifications. Well, 531K clicks is a worthy result, don’t you agree? Also, Sweepstakes are great for this format and show worthy results, as well. Sports is in the last place – as we have seen from the previous table, it works better with Onclick. 

Vertical Impressions Clicks Traffic share Average CTR Average CPM
Mobile subscriptions  1,248,373 130,228 61% 10.43% $0.007
Utilities 683,224 33,280 15% 4.87% $0.006
Finance 1,172,599 29,373 4% 2.50% $0.002

Interstitials perform well with Mobile subscriptions – 130,228 clicks is a significant amount. The next vertical we see is Utilities, and the last one – Finance. Remember that Interstitials perform much better when you combine them with other ad formats. Experiment and find the most harmonious mix!


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 Country: KE

Format Impressions Clicks Traffic share
Onclick 7,275,266 50%
Push 137,959,082 992,477 49%
Interstitial 1,169,809 60,561 1%

Just like in South Africa, Push is a leading format in Kenya. The Internet in Kenya is less widespread than in South Africa (40% and 64% accordingly). That is why the number of impressions in ZA is larger than in KE. 

Vertical Impressions Traffic share Average CPM
Mobile subscriptions  593,250 24% $3.89
Sports 1,354,348 23% $1.63
Finance 813,801 10% $1.18

Onclick works great with Sports, Finance, and Mobile subscriptions. The Sports vertical can boast of a great number of Impressions – 1,354,348! When it comes to Traffic share, Sports almost ties for first place with mobile subscriptions – 24% and 23% accordingly. 

Push notifications
Vertical Impressions Clicks Traffic share Average CTR Average CPC
Sports 23,352,841 97,248 20% 0.42% $0.020
Finance 27,270,524 114,339 20% 0.42% $0.016
Dating 26,855,983 266,391 16% 0.99% $0.006

Finance is perfectly combined with Push – 27,270,524 impressions and 114K clicks look pretty good. Sports is somewhere near, so consider this type of offer as well – this vertical is less competitive than stuffed Finance. 

Vertical Impressions Clicks Traffic share Average CTR Average CPM
Sports 614,357 11,438 72% 1.86% $0.016
Utilities 71,254 18,929 11% 26.57% $0.001
Finance 208,104 11,006 9% 5.29% $0.002

Interstitials show pretty inspiring results in the Sports vertical – 11K clicks and 72% of traffic share. Finance is here again, well, it works everywhere. However, it is the first time when we see Utilities on the list of Kenyan top verticals – mind this nuance!

Country: EG

Format Impressions Clicks Traffic share
Onclick 87,879,829 63%
Push 831,141,698 2 884 673 36%
Interstitial 5,687,627 199 879 1%

Look at these numbers! Push skyrockets in Egypt and makes 831,141,698 impressions per week. Onclick can boast a significant traffic share – 63%. Interstitials, as an add-on format, make 5,687,627 impressions.

Vertical Impressions Traffic share Average CPM
Mobile subscriptions  4,378,331 19% $0.67
Games 8,823,755 17% $0.29
Media 33,433,791 14% $0.06

Mobile subscriptions are also popular in Egypt and show nice results regarding traffic share – 19%. As for the impressions, Media vertical (on-demand content) performs exceptionally well and shows 33,433,791 impressions. Also, Egyptians really like games – 8,823,755 impressions and 17% of traffic share speak for themselves. 

Push notifications
Vertical Impressions Clicks Traffic share Average CTR Average CPC
Dating 151,568,287 1,156,309 27% 0.76% $0.002
Sweepstakes 61,521,852 358,929 26% 0.58% $0.006
Utilities 145,979,678 461,882 18% 0.32% $0.003

Dating wins! When combined with Push, this vertical shows great results. Also, this format performs well with Utilities and Sweepstakes – relatively unoccupied niches and potentially fruitful fields for your campaigns. 

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Vertical Impressions Clicks Traffic share Average CTR Average CPM
VPN 1,266,878 57,684 32% 4.55% $0.001
Dating 454,445 4,546 4% 1.00% $0.002
Finance 329,879 22,754 4% 6.90% $0.000

Interstitials make a really good showing when it comes to VPNs – 1,266,878 impressions is a fancy number. Also, the format works well with Dating and Finance – two ever-green verticals. 

Summing up

So if you never thought about launching an African campaign, most probably you have changed your mind after reading this article! Ready for experiments? Then here are the main things to keep in mind:

  • Diversity

Not all African GEOs are equally great for affiliate marketing. Focus on the top ones – ZA, KE, EG. Also, you may want to try SN (Sinegal) and NI (Nigeria). 

  • Specifics 

Mind the language issue, target mobile devices (Android), aim at 3G Internet users, and use GEO-related creatives.

  • Verticals 

The best verticals for ZA, KE, and EG are Sports, Dating, iGaming, Mobile subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Finance, and Utilities. 

  • Ad formats 

Push is an undeniable leader for all verticals and GEOs we have analyzed. Onclick goes second and the third one is Interstitials. 

Now you know that Africa is a very hot continent – not only weatherwise but also for your affiliate campaigns! African GEOs are not so crowded at the moment, but the profit potential is pretty high. 

It really is the best time to…

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