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Unlocking the Potential of Direct Click Traffic Type [Case Study]


Recently, PropellerAds have announced a new unique and highly-technological feature – Direct Click traffic type.

Just to remind you, Direct Click ensures that you get the most converting traffic and therefore – highly-active users that are super-likely to convert. The feature allows you to locate your ads around the most fruitful placements and pay for direct visits – users get to your offer immediately, without any additional steps to make. 

This traffic type works for Popunder ad format and has a potential to boost your conversion rate up to 120 times, especially when your targeting settings and slice are chosen wisely.

To inspire you, we have prepared a case study that shows how Direct Click traffic boosts the campaign performance. Hold on tight – we bet these numbers will amaze you.

Why should you try Direct Click?

Higher CR

Direct Click provides access to the most engaged audience, therefore this traffic type brings significantly more conversions;

Fast returns

Even though Direct Click is a bit more expensive, this is a really converting traffic, so our investments will pay off soon and you will get your first conversions pretty quickly;

Efficient testing

Testing with Direct Click is more efficient than other traffic types, since it engages a focused audience. 

To make an objective comparison, we have two campaigns for each offer to present. The first one doesn’t rely on Direct Click traffic, but the second one – does. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Case #1: Direct Click VS Onclick for a Pin Submit offer

  • Offer type: Pin submit 
  • Conversion price: $0.4
  • Period: 11 days
  • GEO: NG + targeting by cities and mobile operators 
  • Platform: Android
  • Ad format: Onclick VS Direct Click
  • Bidding model: CPA Goal 2.0
  • Landing page:

Our customer launched two campaigns – for the entire Onclick traffic and for the Direct Click traffic type only. The details you can see above are full, since no additional optimization efforts were applied. 

Here are the results for an Onclick campaign:


And now see the stats for a campaign with Direct Click traffic:


Results: As you can see from the numbers, Direct Click beats the regular campaign in terms of conversions – its CR is almost 3 times higher. However, there is another significant benefit to mind. 

Even though Direct Click traffic is more expensive from the very beginning, it pays off during the campaign. In the presented campaigns, our partner bought less traffic for a Direct Click campaign, as you can see from the impressions amount. The testing turned out to be faster and this became possible due to the exceptional performance of this traffic type.

For the Onlclick campaign, our partner has spent $237, while the Direct Click investment was $207. As you can see, with Direct Click you get better campaign results for a lower cost.

Let’s move on, because we have more juicy stats to present. 

Case #2: Direct Click VS Onclick for a Sweepstakes offer

  • Offer type: Sweepstakes
  • Daily limit: $50.00
  • Period: 27 days
  • GEO: ID
  • Platform: Android
  • Ad format: Onclick VS Direct Click
  • Bidding model: Smart CPM
  • Landing page:

Again, two campaigns – two traffic types (Onclick and Direct Click). For both these campaigns, our partner excluded those users who have already converted before. These users were attracted by his Push campaign and all of them were gathered by means of our Demographic Targeting feature

Here are the stats for a Direct Click campaign:


And let’s compare to the campaign without Direct Click traffic:


Results: The Direct Click campaign brought the 2.49% CR, while the regular one has 0.21% CR only. More impressions and more conversions make the Direct Click campaign significantly more profitable. As for the conversion prices, we can see that Direct Click has a lower one – $0.19, compared to $0.32 for the second campaign. 

In general, the testing cost was $2000. Our partner saw the high-quality traffic for Direct Click and its performance, so his decision was to invest more and spend $1900 for this campaign, while $100 was invested in Onclick. He received 10K conversions, where 9979 belong to Direct Click. 

Summing up

The time has come to sum everything up and polish our understanding of Direct Click traffic. So, here are the main points to remember:

  • As we can see from the results of each presented campaign, the new traffic type increases CR manifold and ensures more conversions faster, since the traffic has already been filtered by the system; 
  • The tested feature shows better numbers for such parameters as CPA, CTR, and CPM, as well;
  • With Direct Click, your lead price turns out to be even lower than the one in a regular campaign.

In a word, Direct Click can boost your campaign performance from all sides. Make sure to use the Traffic Estimator tool to be sure of the best results. Wait no longer – rush and try it out today!

In our Telegram chat , you can discuss Direct Click and other features with fellow-affiliates!


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