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What is Domain Redirect Traffic?

Domain Redirect Traffic

Looking for top-performing traffic? Chances are you came across domain redirect traffic, and now you’re probably wondering what exactly is it. Right? Perfect! Congrats, that’s exactly what we’re here to answer.

Yet, before we can explain what Domain Redirect traffic is, you must first understand what domain redirect is. The great news is that it will tell you almost everything you need to know about how important this kind of traffic is. 

Moreover, with our help, you’ll get the full picture of what domain redirect traffic is, and why every advertiser wants it. And more importantly, we’ll tell you how you can get domain redirect traffic.

Domain Redirect Traffic explained

In simple words, domain redirect or domain parking traffic are users that are typing a wrong link in the address bar ( instead of, or When they initiate the search for a bad domain, they get redirected to your ad page. 

This is the kind of traffic that you can get with PropellerAds’ Direct Click. The feature ensures you get direct-views (no creative) from extremely engaged users, straight on your ads. 

Have more questions about Direct Click? Check this FAQ

The process behind this type of traffic

PropellerAds - How to Get Parked Domain Traffic
How You can Get Parked Domain Traffic

When you launch a Direct Click campaign you automatically enter lightning-fast auctions for domain parking traffic

The entire process is handled by our advanced AI algorithm. So, the possibility of them converting on your offer greatly increases. And our stats prove it. 

Check out the results of one of our clients that launched two similar campaigns on the same day:

PropellerAds - Direct Click vs Popunder
Direct Click compared with Popunder

Is Direct Click really the shortest way to the most engaged audiences? The answer in here

9 characteristics of Domain Redirect traffic

1. Obviously the high engagement rate which leads to a high conversion rate makes this traffic very appealing. 

In fact, based on our research traffic coming from parked domains can bring conversion rates higher than any other traffic type, even up to 120 times.

2. When you’re running longer flow campaigns (through banner ads for example), users might be exposed to your competitors’ offers on the same page.

Instead, with Direct Click users see your offer immediately after launching the search. No intermediaries, no other creatives, just direct visits to your offer.

3. Here’s another reason why domain redirect traffic is the best, according to an established figure of the affiliate marketing industry, Servando Silva:

PropellerAds - Servando Silva on Domain Redirect Traffic

4. When it comes to UX (user experience) Direct Click hits the jackpot. Instead of taking users to a broken domain, or outdated pages. As a result, the chances of converting on your offer increase. 

5. With PropellerAds, you can enjoy good domain parking traffic volumes, on a daily basis. Here’s the data from today, based on our traffic estimator:

PropellerAds - Direct Click Traffic Estimator
Direct Click Traffic Estimator from PropellerAds

6. Direct Click’s traffic performs extremely well, in almost all the Verticals. However, it excels in some of the highest performers of the past few years (2022 included): iGaming, Pinsubmit, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Utilities, and Finance. 

7. This is one of the top-performing traffic types that brings impressive results in some of the most active GEOs: US, BR, IN, ID, MX, or PH.

8. Direct Click traffic makes it faster to test new offers. This happens because you don’t need as much traffic as with other formats for a relevant test result.

9. At the same time you can scale up already working offers and bundles. Since it makes sure you reach all the possible users that might be interested in your offer, from the slice, you don’t waste time nor traffic.

How can you get domain redirect traffic with PropellerAds?

PropellerAds - How to Get Domain Redirect Traffic
How to Get Domain Redirect Traffic with PropellerAds

All you need to do to get this type of traffic is launch a Direct Click campaign. This way you get the top-performing domain traffic, top-converting ad placements, and other types of top-performing zones that are hard to reach due to intense auctions. 

Keep in mind that this traffic is carefully selected by our AI algorithm to provide direct, no-creative visits straight to your offer. 

What you should get from this

Direct Click is one of the best performing traffic types that can bring exceptional results in any Vertical, GEO, or language.

With the domain parking it provides, you save a lot of time you would’ve spent otherwise testing, optimizing, and tuning your campaigns. 

Use it wisely and invest in ground-breaking creatives. Do this and you’re sure to score high traffic volumes that can’t help but convert.


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