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anti adblock 3.0

Anti-Adblock 3.0: Monetize up to 99% of your AdBlocked Inventory

We’ve worked hard to upgrade and improve our  AdBlock bypass technology, and now we’re ready to present the brand new Anti-AdBlock v 3.0!


No more lost revenues because of AdBlock!

The entire online advertising industry suffers because of AdBlocking. Users who are your prospective clients install these extensions to block ads and filter content. Aft

pre-lead generation
Popunder Ads

Pre-lead Generation | Advanced Retargeting Strategy for Onclick Popunder + [Real Cases]

Today, we are spelling out how Popunder can be transformed from a dull, outdated advertising technique to a powerful and versatile marketing instrument

Star_Wars banner
Affiliate Marketing

4 Ways to Awaken Your Advertising Campaign Force with Star Wars

Harness the power of Star Wars to elevate your advertising strategy. Awaken creativity and captivate audiences with iconic themes and characters


The official PropellerAds plugin for WordPress is here!

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Monetize WordPress Sites with PropellerAds.


Top myths about Pop-Under Ads: Busted!

Discover the truth behind popunder ads. Learn why common misconceptions about popunder advertising may not be accurate. Get the facts here!

propellerads - retarfering - popunder
Platform Updates

Propeller Ads presents retargeting solution

Propeller Ads Media is glad to announce that we now use our edge cutting RETARGETING technology for even better results of your ad campaigns! It allows you to get the use