Propeller Upgrades Deployed: Introducing MultiTag for Publishers

smart optimization - multitag for publishers

At Propeller, we design tools that simplify the way you can monetize your website. 

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest challenges facing publishers today is navigating through the multitude of monetization solutions. In and attempt to figure out what combination of ad formats is going to be right for their website.

This is the reason why we’ve created MultiTag, a new feature designed to help publishers access the best ad formats in a simple and straightforward way.

Let’s take a look at the benefits this awesome feature will bring to our publishers.

What’s MultiTag?

Start by Watching this Playlist about MultiTag

PropellerAd’s MultiTag is a universal tag or piece of code that publishers can place on their site. 

Before, publishers needed to acquire an individual tag for every ad format they put on their website.

Now, all you have to do is simply add our all-in-one code, which is an ideal choice for publishers that rather avoid manual platform optimization.

PropellerAds - MultiTag
MultiTag  – 1 Tag to run 4 Formats simultaneously

How Does MultiTag Work?

MultiTag works like an auto-optimization tool for publishers. And this is because it automatically picks the most suitable and profitable ad format for a specific website. 

This doesn’t mean that your site visitors will see random ads when they go to your site.

On the other hand, the algorithm is designed to ensure that publishers get high CPM rates and full-fledged optimization. While still producing a better experience for users that view their content.

Which Ad Formats Does MultiTag Work With?

This exceptional format includes some of our most popular ad formats, including:

Is MultiTag Really Worth It?

Our main goal with MultiTag is to help publishers generate the highest possible revenue while still ensuring a great experience for users. And some of the main reasons you should opt for MultiTag include:

  • Full ad coverage across all devices, OS, and GEOs
  • Compatible with all websites and traffic types
  • Doesn’t require an independent tag for each format

Publishers that Will Enjoy MultiTag the Most

MultiTag is ideal for publishers who:

  • Are just starting to monetize their site because it’s the perfect way to set up auto-pilot
  • Don’t want to spend hours analyzing data and optimizing to find the best formats
  • Have been working with our display ad formats for a while. We encourage these publishers to compare the results they’re getting. Also, if you’ve been working with only one ad format you can see how your profits will grow with MultiTag.

How Does MultiTag Look?

Below, we’ve put together some examples of how the same campaign can look with different ad formats on it.

MultiTag ensures that you get the most profitable combination of traffic and ad format using a smart algorithm based on millions of conversions. So it’s a time-tested approach that we know is going to work.

OnClick Ads


Push Notifications

For Push Notifications: If you’re using https, you should also download an sw.js file for correct work. Just upload it to the root directory of your website and earn up to 25% more!

propellerads - multitag - push notifications

In-Page Push Notifications

propellerads - multitag -push


propellerads - ad overlay - multitag

All 4 ad formats will become available for your website!

Please note that these zones will have different IDs but one name and all of them will be marked with a ‘MULTI’ property sign.

propellerads - multitag

Stay Tuned for More Powerful Updates!

We developed MultiTag to address some of our publisher’s most pressing concerns. And we constantly work on developing new features that improve the results our members get.

As always, if you want to learn more about MultiTag contact PropellerAds (or leave your comments below) and our team will be glad to help.

Editor’s Note: Originally published in June 2020, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.


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