Establishing a publishing platform and monetizing your website successfully is easier said than done. Choosing a niche and building a site is already challenging, but you also have to grow your visitor base and figure out when it’s time to start monetizing your website.

In this article, we’ll provide a few tips to help publishers figure out when it’s time to start running ads and monetizing their site.

When Should You Think of Monetizing Your Website?

Before delving further into the topic, it’s important to highlight the difference between running ads and monetizing your site. Publishers can choose to run ads on their site even if they have less than 5 visitors per day.

But, as you can imagine, sites with a small number of visitors aren’t profitable.

When we talk about “monetizing” your website, we are referring to actually making money. The profit margins and exact income will vary depending on your GEO, niche, and type of traffic.

There are many different factors that will affect your decision to implement monetization strategies or if you should focus on promoting your website for a longer period of time. To start off, ask yourself:

  • How many visitors do I have daily?
  • Do I have regular users?
  • Do you update your website often enough?
  • Does my site attract mobile or desktop traffic?
  • Have I collected location and other demographic information?

Building Expectations that are Closer to Reality

As a general rule, a publishing website starts making relatively good money after passing the 5,000-10,000 daily visitor mark. That said, this will depend heavily on the location and type of traffic you reel in. For example, if you’re attracting mobile traffic from regions like Canada, the US, UK, and Australia, there’s a good chance you’ll be making a pretty penny.

The harsh reality for publishers is that sites that have a low number of visitors are less likely to generate money. Take one of our publishers that contacted us to find out why he wasn’t making any money. After reviewing his site, we figured that he only had 300 daily visitors, which isn’t enough to make a real profit.

What should you do in these cases?

Simple: focus on promoting your site and attracting more visitors.

By focusing on increasing the number of visitors, you’ll also improve your chances of monetization. But, like all networks, at PropellerAds we’re very strict with the quality of the traffic. We have implemented robust anti-fraud and bot-identifying mechanisms, so we strongly advise against using any sketchy tactics to boost traffic!

What Formats Should You Start With?

Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned publisher, you probably already know about the ad formats you can choose to help you make money. But, what most folks don’t know is that the amount of traffic you get will also affect the performance of the ads placed on your site.

In most cases, ad formants are determined by whether you’re surpassing 10,000 daily visitors or not.

Less Than 10,000 Daily Visitors

If you have a good platform, but you’re still reeling in less than 10,000 daily visitors, the best ad format you can choose is Push notifications. We’ve seen thousands of publishers attempt monetization, and push ads always provide the best chance to start earning if you’re under the 10k threshold.

10,000+ Daily Visitors

Popular websites that have 10,000+ daily visitors can take advantage of Native ads and the connection they create with your audience. This ad format needs to blend and have valuable information, so platforms that have plenty of visitors and content updated regularly have the best chance.

Where Does PopUnder Traffic Land?

Popunder traffic is used by seasoned and starting publishers alike, making them one of the most popular formats out there. This format is tougher to master than push or native, so it will depend on your specific type of site. For instance, streaming platforms and converter websites can start running pop ads from 5,000 daily visitors, but this will vary in other industries as well.

Create a Plan to Start Monetizing on Your Website Now! 

Mastering the art of monetization can be challenging. But, as long as you take your time, reach the right number of visitors, and choose the best ad formats, you should be able to develop a platform that is easy to make money from.

The tips above should help you figure out if your site is ready for monetization or if you’re still at the promotion stage. 


While working as a writer and marketing consultant for the past 9 years, Tom has also developed a passion for the world of affiliate marketing. With first-hand experience and a solid background in online marketing, he has a deep understanding of the different ad formats, offers, and other elements that affect the performance of an affiliate campaign. Tom also loves backpacking around tropical countries, listening to the boom-bap sound of old school hip-hop, and playing amateur rugby with his local team.