Revamped Native Banners for Advanced Monetization

revamped native banners

Disclaimer: This format is no longer available. However, you can achieve similar results with our highly adaptable Interstitials.

This February, one of the most demanded monetization ad formats – Native Banners – gets an entirely new twist!

Launched in August, Native Banners immediately caught the attention of publishers, who were looking for more profitable and customizable monetization solutions.

Up until now, the product remained available only to premium publishers.

Meanwhile, we were enhancing the effectiveness of the format (including technical specifications) and negotiating exclusive contracts with top advertisers (to keep ads quality and payouts high).

And finally, we are ready to offer Native Banners to all our publishers!

What awaits you on the Self-Serve Platform?

Monetization formats - publishers

1. Higher revenues

High-quality ads and engaging content from top advertisers bring clicks!

But don’t take our words for granted – see the statistics. We were analyzing the results of publishers from our focus group, operating in anime, converter tools, and social (such as blogs, quizzes, viral websites, etc.) verticals.

Average monthly results

VerticalRevenue before (other ad networks)Revenue with PropellerAds Native BannersIncrease

Our publishers associated this increase in revenue with a higher customization potential – Native Banners can be placed pretty much anywhere on the site.

That also allowed plenty of room for experiments and A/B testing – publishers could determine themselves, what were the most converting areas on their websites.

By the way, here’s our guide on where to place Native Banners

2. Even easier setup & faster loading speed

It becomes even easier to add Native Banners to your website!

Your application will pass through an almost instant manual verification (make sure to check the requirements) and then you can choose how the ads will look like.

Along with the simplification of the setup process, we have refined the technical specifications of the format. We are proud to announce that the loading speed has been increased by 25% and optimized for zones with slower internet speeds.

3. More exclusive contracts with top brands

You are probably aware that all ads, appearing in PropellerAds, pass the manual moderation – we do our best to keep the exceptional ads quality. This year, we’ve raised the bar even higher – we now have MORE exclusive agreements with top advertisers.

What does that mean for you? Better rates, great ads content, and happier users, finding relevant offers!

That’s all the news for today… but we have some exciting stuff for publishers coming up very soon. Stay tuned!

Editor’s Note: Originally published on February 25th, 2019, this article was updated for accuracy reasons.


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