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Custom Zone Bidding for Push & Interstitial CPC Campaigns

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Though late still the festive mode is on, and we’re determined to end 2020 with something utterly positive. Prepare your stockings to be filled with our tech goodness, because you don’t even need Santa when you have Propeller by your side.

Okay, Propeller, what’s new? 

Please welcome the custom zone bidding for CPC!

Now you can perform pinpoint optimization by setting a custom bid for each ad zone (ad placement). Customize the bids for one zone, a group of zones, or all the zones. You can do it manually on the statistics page or via API if you have an integration with us.  

The feature is open on the formats where the CPC bidding is available – Push ads and Interstitial ads.

How can Custom Bids simplify your life? 

Our ultimate aim is to streamline the processes for affiliates. And on the verge of vacation season (or staycation), it becomes times more important – you need that ad campaigns to perform their best.

So, what do custom bids do?

#1 Control and optimize bids based on your CPA without effort

If the cost per conversion on a particular placement is getting too high, lower the bid and decrease the CPA. If you see quality conversions coming from particular ad placements – increase the bid to get more traffic from these zones and more conversions. 

#2 Save time on whitelisting zones

Sometimes you might want to set a separate bid for particular placements. Previously you needed to whitelist them, start separate campaigns and pay optimization costs again for each campaign. Now you can increase the bid in your current campaign and save time and money on optimization costs.

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#3 Cut costs without auto-optimization 

When for some reason you are not able to use CPA Goal auto-optimization or cannot set the S2S conversion tracking, there is still a way to cut costs and control traffic quality.  

Where can you find it?

  • Go to the “Campaigns” page.
  • Pick the campaign you are interested in and click the “Statistics” link next to the campaign’s name. 
  • You’ll find the page with detailed information where any bid can be customized 

Excited for a new feature? Don’t wait any longer – go ahead and test it! Also, you can share your thoughts with our affiliate community here.


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