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overheated auctions
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Overheated Auctions & Media Buying: What are They and How to Deal With Them?

What shall you do when the programmatic ad auction is overheated? What are the signs of overheated auctions and how to beat them? Here is the full guide.

Programmatic auctions explained
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Programmatic Auctions Explained: How to Win?

We decided to compose this guideline and explain how programmatic auctions actually work to help you fill all the gaps in your knowledge. Enjoy! 

custom-zone-bidding-case study
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[Case Study] CPC Custom Zone Bidding

Get one of the lowest CPC rates in the market, only interested users that click your ads, and full budget control. Now you can with our CPC Custom Zone Bidding!

custome- Zone -Bidding- CPC
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Custom Zone Bidding for Push & Interstitial CPC Campaigns

Please welcome the custom zone bidding for CPC! Now you can perform pinpoint optimization by setting a custom bid for each ad zone. Customize the bids for one zone, a gro...


Bidding and Budgeting: How to Set the Right Bid for Your Paid Ads Campaign

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of the bidding model, the different structures available, and give you tips to effectively manage your budget.