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[Case Study] CPC Custom Zone Bidding

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Achieve every affiliate’s dream: Get one of the lowest CPC rates in the market, only interested users that click your ads, and full budget control. Now you can with our CPC Custom Zone Bidding model!

In addition, you can enjoy these perks on all our formats that work on the CPC bidding model – Interstitial ads and Push Notification ads

Moreover, as these formats are highly customizable, you can adapt them for almost every vertical you plan on running campaigns on.

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What’s so fancy about the CPC Custom Zone Bidding, you ask? It’s only a new feature, improving our CPC bidding setting, and the first part of a big optimization tool update we’re currently working on.

It allows you to adjust the bid for each separate zone (ad placement) based on how well it’s performing. 

And, as the CPC bidding is only the most craved type amongst affiliates, you must understand how important it is that you have this option for all CPC campaign formats – Push and Interstitials.

In case you forgot, CPC comes in really handy because using this bidding model all the users that you reach this way will only be quality leads since you’re charged only when someone clicks on your ad. 

This way, knowing how much money you want to allocate to your campaign, you can know the exact number of clicks that you will have once you spent your entire campaign budget.

Where can you find the CPC Custom Zone Bidding?

That’s super simple! All you need to do is follow these 5 steps:

#1. Login to your PropellerAds Account
#2. Choose “Statistics” from the left-hand side menu 
#3. Select the specific campaign you want to optimize with custom zone bidding
#4. Go to general info, in the newly opened detailed statistics of the campaign
#5. Identify the zones that interest you and set custom bids 

3 Reasons to start using the CPC Custom Zone Bidding right away

#1. More diversity when choosing your simple bidding model

Especially for newbies, buying CPM traffic is not all that convenient. 

But with this function, now you don’t need to settle with the OnClick SmartCPM bidding model campaigns if you want more precise bidding. 

#2. No more duplicating campaigns to whitelist zones – simpler optimization

Now you no longer have to copy your campaigns, to make various combinations of whitelisted zones. 

The era of ‘Copy of Copy of Copy…’ is long gone. Optimization just got a lot simpler with the CPC Custom Zone Bidding. 

    #3. Keep on collecting data and improving campaign performance

You no longer need to start from scratch like before, when moving particular zones to new campaigns didn’t always work the way you expected it. 

Often times it ended in your valuable historic campaign data getting lost. And that data is extremely important because our traffic delivery system uses it to improve your ads’ performance. 

That’s right! With the CPC custom zone bidding, all these troubles are ancient history. Now you can enjoy both, maximum bidding flexibility and the most transparent pricing model. 

Just go ahead and optimize all you need within your campaigns, keeping them neat and at the same time well-performing. 

In fact, some of our clients have already benefited from this new and improved option. Here’s how they did:

User example #1

When you have a lot of campaigns and an ad strategy that is already on the scaling stage, you don’t have a lot of time to look into zones with average performance.

Instead, you’d prefer to quickly blacklist them and to find new placements with a cheaper conversion. 

And here’s where the CPC Custom Zone Bidding offers you a smarter way around this. Let’s look at how one of our partners benefited from this new feature:

  • Vertical: Utilities
  • Format: Push Notifications
  • Platform: Android
  • Bidding model: CPC
  • GEO: US
  • Budget: US $3,000 daily
  • Fixed CPC Rate: $0.05

During the optimization process, our client found a dozen of zones that were bringing too expensive conversions.

But, instead of excluding them or starting a separate campaign with whitelists, he lowered the bid of the low-performing zones by 30%

This is what he saw comparing the results from a month before and after he made the custom bids adjustment:

836 642 +447 2801 078 +50359 +26
1 970 964 +552 8171 246 +22173 +21
1 897 808 +950 246684 +29333 +5
599 201 +157 282350 +8417 +2
1 380 395 +199 9251 041 +23752 -1
879 015 +325 656 260 +10210 -2
570 016 +32 886187 -298 -3
6 303 037 +1 599 715917 -31971 -5
370 358 +113 216190 – 2810 -5
595 203 +133 902121 + 245 -6
1 463 424 +5 141 538 – 21726 -6
2 644 590 – 34 411639 – 282 34 -15
8 063 681+1 374 2134 617 +564268 -17

What happened next?

Some of the zones that were underperforming started to bring in even more conversion at lower CPC rates. 

So, instead of excluding placements and getting no conversions from them, our partner easily got +900 conversions at the reduced CPC rate. 

User example #2

  • Vertical: Leadgen 
  • Format: Push Notifications
  • Platform: Android
  • Bidding model: CPC 
  • GEO: US 

This is the opposite situation, when our client chose to increase the bid by $0.02 on a separate zone, and that particular GEO started performing much better than before.

Here’s the comparison between the two months before, and the next month after the CPC custom zone bidding optimization:

6 252 912 +5 381 34110 535 +8 84595 +75
6 252 912 +5 381 34110 535 +8 84595 +75

What happened next?

  • +75 conversions
  • +5M impressions traffic volume

And here you have it. Two very different campaign strategies, that used various approaches to improve their performance with the CPC Custom Zone Bidding. 

Don’t you agree these are some really impressive results? We think so?! 

How can you improve your results with the CPC Custom Zone Bidding?

As we already saw, you can just as easily use the CPC Custom Zone bidding to:

faster optimization of your campaignsset higher bids in areas with good performance for advertising
reduce bids in those where ads don’t receive positive ROIavoid completely blacklisting zones and get more conversions on your conditions

This being said, can you think of any other innovative strategies you could best put the CPC custom zone bidding to work?

Ah, and don’t forget: we pay good money for quality Case Studies! When are you gonna send us yours?

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