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Even while you’re reading this sentence – our developers are working hard to bring you the most exquisite advertising features. That’s why we have yet more great news to share. Excited?

*Drumroll, please*  

Introducing our brand new app for advertisers! ⚡⚡⚡ Download NOW for iOS and Android.

You’ve been asking for this feature for some time already, so we didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

Here’s one of the most recent requests (See? We haven’t made it up):

One of the requests from our “feature request” tab

Let’s have a look at everything Propeller App has to offer.

What can you do via the Propeller App?

Propeller’s easy-to-use app is feature-packed with the essential functionality (and more) required to manage your account and campaigns.

Our new mobile app was designed with convenience in mind. Here are some of the team’s favorite features that will definitely upgrade your experience:

#1 Fund your account and check the balance via the app

As you know, Propeller offers a number of flexible and convenient methods for funding your account. And now, you can instantly deposit money via a mobile app. Track your available balance and never run out of funds again.

That also helps prevent your campaigns from unplanned stops while you’re away from your laptop. 

Propellerads - add funds - app for advertisers

As well, you can set your daily and total campaign budgets.

What is more, you can edit your daily and total budget with a single tap now. All you need to do is to hold your finger on the campaign that requires editing and choose the needed option from the context menu.


Plus, now we have an advanced budget indicator feature. With its help, you can easily find campaigns that are running out of budget.


#2 Get real-time updates on campaign status

Receive timely information about what’s happening to your campaigns: was the campaign approved?  Was it rejected by the moderator? Do you need to urgently top up your account?

Get all the essential notifications about your advertising activity delivered straight to your device.

propellerads - campaign status - app for advertisers

#3 Monitor your campaign performance

Keep your campaigns within arm’s reach: monitor your campaign’s performance and correct the course as you go.

Track main metrics for each campaign (traffic volume, conversions, creatives’ CTR, costs, etc.), determine if anything requires adjustment.


#4 Manage zones 

Now you can manage zones, whether you want to exclude unprofitable ones or get some of the excluded ones back:

So, to start managing zones in the PropellerAds application, follow these simple steps:

Enter your campaign > See the zones list > Tap and hold the zone 

After that, you will see the zone menu with all the settings described above. Keep this feature in mind, since smart zones management makes your budget more flexible. With its help, you can focus on the most profitable zones and get rid of the non-efficient ones.   

#5 Pause and restart your campaigns

You’re in complete control over your advertising: if for any reason you decide to stop or restart your campaign, you can now do it on the fly via the Propeller app.

How to get Propeller App?

The app is available for iOS and Android, and you can download it from the store. Also, we would be immensely grateful if you could leave a comment on how was your experience with Propeller App.

TLTR: All the key points about the Propeller app

PropellerAds releases its first app for registered advertisers, and you can already download it via AppStore and Google Play. 

Also, the app boasts a range of useful functions, such as:

  • Funding your account and checking the balance
  • Monitoring campaign status: get immediate updates every time your campaign is approved, rejected, or out of money.
  • Setting daily and total campaign budgets
  • Stopping and restarting campaigns
  • Tracking metrics and analytics

Naturally, it’s just the first step, and we are already working on adding extra features and tools to expand the possibilities of our app. So, make sure to stay tuned!


Want to share your experience with our app? Join our Telegram chat. Want to leave us some lovely comments? The section below awaits you!


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