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In-Page Push Notifications for Extensive Reach (with iOS traffic)

In-page push notifications

A new traffic type for Push campaigns has just arrived!

We know that for a long while you’ve been asking for the ability to target more platforms and iOS types. We couldn’t stand aside, that’s why today you can expand your Push ads campaigns with a newly developed traffic type – In-Page Push ads.

Let’s explore how In-Page Push (IPP) can change your advertising game.

Spoiler: You’ll have opportunities to grow your Push campaigns BIG time.

How to add In-Page Push traffic to your campaigns?

This is not a drill; the feature is already available – you can find it on your campaign creation page.

The new traffic type can be activated, when you select Push Notifications ad format, as you can see in the image below:

PropellerAds - Activating In-Page Push
Activating In-Page Push

From here on you can just select to send both Classic Push Notifications and In-Page Push (IPP) with the same campaign. Otherwise, you can stick with our suggestion and only use one format per campaign, for best, testing, tracking, and results.

Also, when it comes to personalizing your creatives, the process is pretty similar with the one you use for Push Notifications. The only difference between the two formats, is that aside from allowing you to target iOS users, IPP also features custom skins.

PropellerAds - IPP Skin Selection
Choosing the IPP Skin

How will users see the In-Page Push?

Users receive these notifications while they are browsing a webpage. There is no difference in the way these two types of Push look.

Here’s an example of how the Classic, Social, and Light Skins look like, on the same IPP:

PropellerAds - IPP Skins Preview
IPP Skins Preview

Why use In-Page Push?

While this feature looks exactly like a good old Push Notification, it has certain technical specifications that make it a perfect addition to your Push campaign.

#1 You can now reach iOS users

Long thought to be elusive, iOS users can now be finally reached!

In-page Push was specifically designed to target all OS, platform, and browser types. Now you can seriously expand your coverage with all those “fresh” users who have not been exposed to Push Notifications before – meaning that potentially they are much more responsive to this ad format.

#2 Be everywhere: on websites and their devices

Classic Push Notifications ensure that your message reaches users even when they are not browsing, but what about all those online users?

In-Page Push fills this gap – you can consistently spread your message on devices and websites. The equation is simple: more traffic = more conversions.


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#3. Reach even the users that don’t want to subscribe to your Push Notifications

Unlike the classic Push, IPP doesn’t need your users to subscribe to your push alerts. Instead, this unique format is displayed on the website page as a banner. Moreover, it integrates perfectly with the rest of the page, so you know that UX won’t be affected in any way.

#4. Interest Targeting is available for IPP as well

The unique feature that Push Notifications, either classic of In-Page bring, is the possibility to target your users based specifically on what interests them. In addition, you can also target them by gender or age groups.

PropellerAds - IPP Demographic and interest targeting
IPP — Demographic and Interest Targeting

Demographic and Interest Targeting – not as hard to reach with PropellerAds

Ready to test this new functionality? Then wait no longer and grab this excellent opportunity to get MORE users with your Push campaigns.

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