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The Biggest Shifts in Affiliate Marketing. Undisclosed Insights from AWG’22

affiliate insights from AWG 2022

While we’re witnessing major financial market turbulence, the end of the Covid era, and sharp peaks in gas prices, it’s unlikely that affiliate marketing will remain unscattered.

But what is the extent of recent events’ influence on the affiliate marketing industry? What has drastically changed? 

During this year’s visit to AWG 2022 Dubai, Ulyana Protashchuk – Head of Marketing at Zeydoo, along with the PropellerAds team had an opportunity to discuss with international marketers the shifts occurring in the affiliate sphere right now. 

So, here’s the summary of what affiliates say in private conversations and what everyone’s talking about these days. 

#1. The Great Facebook Exodus 

Facebook traffic has indeed been a reliable source of leads for years, yet over the pandemic, the situation has changed, and now marketers are suffering from persistent bans and restrictions.

That made affiliates search for other traffic sources and “rediscover” the old ones. For instance, we observe heightened interest in email marketing (who said it’s dead?). As for new traffic sources, we should definitely take a closer look at TikTok and Snapchat.

TikTok is a totally new phenomenon with untapped potential and fresh audiences, specific to this media. Up until January, the quality of traffic from TikTok was on the low side, but with wider implementation of GDPR, it improved significantly.

Some of the top verticals for TikTok at the moment are crypto, mobile content, dating, and iGaming. There’s life outside Facebook after all, isn’t it?

#2. Affiliate Teams are on the Path to Create OWN Products

This is actually a massive change. Instead of managing only the promotional part of the 3rd party products, affiliate teams are now transforming into advertisers.

The move seems logical: marketers know the market, know what converts, who’s the audience and what users want. This way, they can develop targeted products with high chances for success.

In other words, we are about to see more and more products (apps, in particular) created by affiliates. Cleaners, anyone?

#3. Payday Offers are Back on Track

Uncertain times bring higher demand for financial services; no wonder payday loans are on top. Affiliates say that currently, the US is the major GEO, delivering very quality leads.

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In multiple conversations, we were told that microloan offers in the US yield a CR of up to 20%. Also, affiliates claimed that the repeat conversion rate is impressive.

How do they run these offers? Primarily with email traffic, that is, again, back to its golden days.

#4. Dating Market Has Grown by 6%

Although dating is known to be an evergreen vertical, it yet continues to strengthen its position. And what’s more, experienced solo affiliates and teams are moving their resources into dating.

Why? Because the trend started during the Pandemic continues – the dating market is growing, and there are no signs of slowing down. According to Statista, the market volume is supposed to increase by 6,38% in 2022.

Unofficial data provided by one of the dating industry leaders suggests an even bolder outlook: 28%. Either way, dating is something to test, and – what a coincidence – at Propeller, we even have custom audiences for dating (wink-wink).

#5. Mobile Content is Alive

Despite what you might have thought, mobile content is still alive. According to our exclusive sources – LATAM is where mobile content is now thriving. But not just there, campaigns targeting Eastern Europe are hitting record profits as well. 

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Okay, what to do with these insights?

These were insights derived from private conversations, and we thought it’s important to share them with you. 

How could you use them?

  • Test the verticals and traffic sources we mentioned. You never know what can deliver results. 
  • Keep an eye on our weekly “Hot GEOs” emails – we usually list the best-converting country/vertical combos. We carefully monitor the data to deliver only the most accurate info.
  • Talk to your Zeydoo account manager and request hot offers – they have, and they will provide (tell you’re from Propeller 🙂

Need more help – leave us a line in the comment section below. Want to discuss? Join our Telegram chat!


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