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Tricks of the Trade: The Top 5 Sources for Affiliate Insights

5 sources for affiliate insights

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Have you ever walked into an amusement park that has dozens of attractions you want to try, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do first?

That’s what new affiliate marketers often feel like when they launch their first campaign. With so many offers, ad formats, and trends to keep an eye on, staying up to date with the latest affiliate news is essential to become a seasoned marketer. That said, knowing where to find reliable information is not always easy.

This is the reason why at PropellerAds we focus on generating reliable resources that our affiliate marketers can use to boost the performance of their campaigns. Below, we’ll go over the top 5 resources for affiliate marketers available here at PropellerAds.

#1 Hot GEOs Weekly Email

The Hot GEOs weekly email is a resource we share with our clients to help them identify the locations that have the best conversion rates. Our platform automatically identifies the combination of spikes in conversions, low competition, and big traffic volumes that result in higher profits in a certain area, so we put these in a weekly email to keep our users updated on the most recent trends.

In addition to the locations that have higher conversion rates, we share the best verticals, offers, and creatives for that specific week. At the same time, we also send out great discounts and promotions for traffic in certain locations every now and again.

Propellerads - Hot GEOs Weekly email
An example of Hot GEOs Weekly email

Why Do You Need Hot GEOs Weekly Emails?

Lack of inspiration is a serious issue among affiliates. This resource allows you to identify offers, verticals, locations, and creative elements that work well, which can save you money down the line. There are a few different ways you can use this information, for example, you can:

  • Copy-paste the ideas directly into your campaign, which is ideal for beginners
  • Use the ideas as inspiration and find similar offers and ads
  • Scale the campaigns you already have by expanding the GEOs. For example, adding another country or region to the campaigns you already have live.

Pro Tip: It may seem like all affiliates will flock to these GEOs, but the reality is that our members don’t read our help emails simultaneoulsy, all at once (due to timezone differences). If you’re still wary of the potential competition, find a similar GEO and a similar offer to test the waters and see how it goes.

#2 Case Studies on PropellerAds’ Blog

Case studies can be published for any industry, so we take the time to craft these comprehensive reports to help our affiliates shorten their learning curve. These case studies usually cover one or more successful campaigns set up by experienced affiliates. They can include:

  • Campaign structure
  • User flow
  • Creative elements
  • Bidding information
  • Statistics
  • Mistakes
  • General analysis

More case studies here

Why Do You Need to Review Case Studies?

A good case study should provide inspiration and allow you to take ideas from successful ads. However, you also need to ensure that the case study is new or that the information is still relevant to the market.  You can also avoid mistakes and learn how to optimize your campaign properly from the get-go.

Pro Tip: Case studies are great because they give you a tangible benchmark so you know where the best-performers stand and what to expect from your optimization. Learn what CTR is a golden standard for a certain vertical and which CR is considered to be “good.”

#3 Traffic Chart

Like others on this list, the Traffic Chart is an exclusive feature available to PropellerAds members. In simple terms, the Traffic Chart is a database that shows performance information of the previous day and it highlights the total number of impressions, max CPM, and recommended CPM. It shows this data based on ad format, country, platform, connection type, and OS.

propellerads - traffic chart

Why Do You Need Traffic Charts?

Our Traffic Charts allow you to monitor the updated performance metrics of certain GEOs and ad formats before launching a campaign, so you can see if the numbers will work with your strategy. You can find this option on the left-hand column of the dashboard once you log into your PropellerAds account.

Pro Tip: Use this tool to compare the prices of traffic and CPA offer payouts to know if it’s actually worth your time or if you’re better off finding another offer.

#4 Telegram Chat

As part of our knowledge ecosystem, we’ve created a Telegram chat group that boasts of more than 2,500 members — all of them are affiliates. Our goal was to create a community that can support each other and give valuable advice on how to solve similar challenges being faced by more than one marketer.

Why Do You Need Access to the Telegram Chat?

You can ask questions, discuss different ads alternatives, and see what the rest of the community has to say about any issues or inquiries you may have. You can join the Telegram group here and learn with our entire community!

Pro Tip: Through the Telegram chat, you can follow updates, get exclusive promotions, receive important news announcements, and enjoy exclusive bonuses that are only available to the groups’ most active members. So, be active!

#5 Support and Account Managers

In addition to our Telegram group, we’ve also set up a superb support team and account managers that are available to our affiliates. You can reach our support team via live chat and email, while our account managers are available through different instant messengers.

*Please check your Propeller Priority level to know if you’re supposed to have a personal account manager.

Why Do You Need to Work with Support and Account Managers?

Account managers and support agents can access all of your information, including traffic details and live campaigns. They can also help you choose creatives that have a higher chance of passing moderation and provide valuable insights into the various questions you may have.

Pro Tip: Build a strong relationship with your account manager early on even if you don’t need his or her help right away!

If you’re looking for the best affiliate resources in the industry, follow our blog or join our Telegram chat.


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