Sitting still is not our strong suit here, at PropellerAds. So, when we see an opportunity to bring you something new, fresh and exciting, we simply do it!

This time is no different.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our very first PODCAST with celebrity affiliates Ian Fernando and KJ Rocker hosted by our very own Renz Gonzales!

This time, we asked our guests to make predictions about the future of affiliate marketing in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • KJ explains how the affiliate marketing landscape has changed since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Ian tells what verticals are on the rise and which are in deep sh… downswing.
  • Both discuss their favorite formats, verticals, and offers and reveal the top strategies that they’re going to use this summer.
  • And together with Renz, they discuss what affiliates should do to seize the day if the second wave of coronavirus hits us in the fall, as many scientists predict. 
  • Oh, and they’re also having lots of fun! 

From our podcast, you will also learn:

  • What beauty procedures Ian Fernando prefers
  • Who cuts KJ Rocker’s hair
  • Which one of them has Justin Bieber on his ringtone 

What are you waiting for?

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and go listen to our podcast!

Can’t listen right now? No problem – read the transcript of our podcast!

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