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Report: Affiliate Marketing Trends & Predictions 2020 [FREE PDF]

Affiliate marketing trends 20202 - free pdf

This year, we make sure that you don’t miss EVEN ONE hot affiliate marketing trend!

(Okay, we also did it last year and a year before that, but we can omit some details for the sake of a punchy intro line, right?)

So, where did we stop? Yeah, we’ve invited 19 (nineteen!) affiliate marketing experts from the top CPA networks, influencers, and thought leaders.

We asked them just two questions:

  • Which verticals would thrive in 2020? 
  • What would be the top ad formats in the coming year?

Unexpectedly, they didn’t reply just to these questions; they went all-in and gave us full-blown predictions. We got SO much information that we couldn’t squeeze it into one blog post.

That’s why you can now download a FREE PDF with all the things (smart stuff) our experts said.

Do you agree with the experts? Share your opinion in the comment section below or join our BIG Telegram chat!


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