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App Marketing

AI Apps: How Big Is the New Niche?

Photo editors, planners, virtual friends, chatbots... AI apps are all around! Can they bring money to advertisers? We are sure they can!


Media Buying Trends 2024: Top Predictions from Industry Leaders [FREE PDF]

Feeling hungry for exclusive content? How about downloading our FREE PDF on media buying trends 2024? Insights from nine industry leaders included.

aff marketing trends
Ad Trends

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends of 2024: Another Dimension of Familiar Verticals

Discover the latest in affiliate marketing for 2024. Explore how familiar verticals are evolving into new dimensions. Stay ahead of the curve!

barbie marketing mania featured image

Barbie Marketing Mania: How to Add Some Glitter to Your Ad Campaigns?

Unleash the sparkle with Barbie-inspired marketing tips. Elevate your ad game and captivate audiences with glittering campaigns!

Affiliate influencers and super affiliates
Guest Expert

Affiliate Influencers and Super Affiliates: Who Are They? [+ REAL STORIES]

Affiliate marketing influencers - who are they? How did they become famous? Learn from this article and read their stories and comments!

new geos to target podcast

Trending GEOs 2023: PropellerOnAir 9th Podcast with Thomas McMahon from ClickBank

Explore top GEO trends of 2023 in PropellerOnAir's 9th podcast, featuring insights from ClickBank's Thomas McMahon. Stay ahead in the digital landscape!

Affiliate Marketing

Top Affiliate Marketing 2023 Trends Picking Up Right Now: Formats, GEOs, Workflows

What tricks, GEOs, or offers can boost your profits right now and during the upcoming year? The hottest affiliate marketing trends 2023 inside!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022

Let’s also look to the future and suggest what happens in the affiliate marketing world next year! We'll discuss technologies, verticals, and challenges

Publisher Trends 2022

2022 Publisher Trends: Your Time to Shine

Trends come and go, but the best strategy is to be prepared to monetize them to the last cent. So here’s what our pros think 2022 has in stock for publishers

affiliate trends 2021
Ad Trends

Facts Before Feelings: 2021 Affiliate Trends

All the affiliate trends 2021 in one blog post! Learn what the key influencers and top affiliates think about affiliate industry in 2021

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