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Affiliate Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022


When the year ends, it is great to recall all the achievements and twists that took place. However, we have a better plan – let’s also look to the future and suggest what happens in the affiliate marketing world next year. 

We have asked our experts from different departments as well as our partners from other top companies to share their vision and talk about the freshest trends to expect.

These trends are related to the affiliate marketing industry as a whole, changes in the most popular verticals, ground-breaking technologies, and more. So read this and let’s dive into 2022 armed with cool ideas and money-making strategies!

CPA Networks: Offer Types & Traffic 

What is going to change around the CPA networks? What affiliates should expect? Let’s see. 

  • Offers with simple flow

Our partners from Zeydoo suggest that simple offers like Sweepstakes and Surveys are going to be super-trendy in 2022. They are so beneficial due to a short customer flow that requires just a couple of clicks. 

The popularity can be explained – easy conversion increases your chances of getting money and people rarely skip the offer when it is as simple as that. If you are new to the affiliate marketing world, think about offers with a short flow – they will help you make your affiliate start smooth. 

  • Pop and Push traffic 

Easy conversion flow combined with an appealing ad format like Pop ads or Push ads was extremely successful last year. We are expecting this tendency to continue in 2022, since the market is growing rapidly. 

What is more, large networks like Facebook and Google continue tightening the rules, so passing their policies is harder year after year. Pop and Push are the alternative formats associated with milder traffic sources and softer moderation.  

Technologies: AI and VR 

The digital era is on the roll, so we should expect new technologies, as well! What are they? Let’s see.

  • AI (artificial intelligence) and automation

If you are a PropellerAds partner, you might have already tried our advanced solutions, like CPA Goal or Smart CPM. They are actively used by our customers for optimization, budget-saving, and other campaign improvements.

Today, affiliates have to spend less time trying to grasp the wisdom of manual bidding and targeting – most of them already rely on technologies to save time, money, and perform precise testing. Our experts believe that the tendency will keep on evolving. 

Meanwhile, PropellerAds is headed by the idea of AI and automation, so we keep up with the technological trends and will definitely present new features in the upcoming year.  

  • VR and AR technologies

As you already heard, Facebook is moving towards AR and VR with its new project Meta. Indeed, this will influence ads for sure, not only on social media. We expect that iGaming and similar niches will also experience the influence of virtual and augmented reality.

We bet you are interested in the upcoming changes around the most popular verticals. And we have some suggestions to share.

  • iGaming

New countries are expected to embrace the iGaming niche and open their doors for affiliates. So new GEOs will become available this year, which means that you should hurry up to get your place under the sun – brand new GEOs won’t be stuffed with competitors at the beginning. 

Namely, we expect legalization and the iGaming boom in the Netherlands, as well as some American states like Kansas and Maine. Don’t miss your chance!  

  • Finance

It seems like Bitcoin is still on top and will continue attracting users, so crypto-related offers will definitely stay on top. Also, numerous classical Finance offers are ever-green and such things as health insurance, investments for passive income, and loans will stay afloat in 2022 for sure.

Still, the popularity of cryptocurrency means that people become more demanding and selective. Make sure to include pre-landing pages to explain your offer and prove its reliability. Your descriptions should be clear and straightforward.

  • Dating 

After and in-between the COVID-19 restrictions, people are hungry for conversations and connections like never before, so Dating is going to be one of the most profitable verticals in 2022. Affiliate marketing offers that promise fast, easy, and pleasant communication with others will definitely skyrocket. 

  • Software and Utilities 

SaaS (software as a service) is becoming more and more popular these days, so will definitely see a focus on numerous applications and programs that offer services like household help, shopping, reminders, etc. 

Time-honored сleaners, antiviruses, ad blockers, and VPNs will also stay in high demand. People use laptops for their remote work, demanding for such utilities to protect their privacy, and browse safely and comfortably.

  • Online education and income opportunities

A lot of people are still working and studying from home. Online education and upskilling platforms are growing. Because of the pandemics, people are learning to make money online,  so affiliates should consider this niche, as well.

Video Content and Influencers 

Also, in 2022 we will see a shift in creatives – it seems like short videos and influencer marketing strategies are getting more popular. 

  • TikTok

TikTok is the king of short and engaging videos. For affiliates, this platform can become a great traffic source, especially if the aim is to get views and increase brand awareness. To reach a better level of communication with viewers, some affiliates prefer going live on TikTok and answering the audience’s questions. 

  • Small influencers 

Small influencers already grounded in their niches can promote products with great efficiency – they already have trusting and focused audiences ready to follow their recommendations and convert.

In 2022, influencers that produce quality content have all chances to become serious players on the affiliate market.   

Challenges we expect

We also have some upcoming challenges to cope with. Let’s see which ups and downs are already on the horizon. 

  • Cookie policies change 

We all heard about the upcoming cookie Apocalypse and the main changes are planned for 2022-2023. Such a shift will definitely affect ad tracking, but you don’t have to panic – tracking without cookies is not impossible. New methods are coming and our network is ready for significant changes. 

  • Growing market complexity 

As we can see the tendency, the market is getting tougher. Today, affiliate marketing turns into a business for teams and even whole agencies. It might be hard to enter the market for a fresh and inspired affiliate, since the threshold grows and the overall approach changes to a more business-oriented one.

So you should think if you want to be a stand-alone affiliate warrior or maybe you should join a team – it’s your decision.


Well, it seems like we are on the doorstep of another incredible and profitable year. We are expecting to embrace new technologies, beat the upcoming challenges, and earn some cash with our shiny offers. Grab this guide and keep the trends in mind – this knowledge will become your backing in 2022!

And don’t forget to join PropellerAds’ Telegram chat. Let’s talk about more affiliate trends we expect in 2022!


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