There are dozens of verticals that offer great opportunities for affiliates, but savvy marketers are always looking for the next unicorn.

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of huge industries like sweepstakes and health supplements. But, there’s another vertical that’s been growing at a fast pace and shows no signs of slowing down: ? essay CPA offers.

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While the education industry has been around for some time, essay and academic paper CPA offers have recently become great moneymakers for seasoned affiliates. And, because it hasn’t made as much noise as other verticals, you can still take advantage of the initial wave of success that comes with the rise of every super-quality industry.

Here’s what you need to know about the education affiliate industry and essay CPA offers.

What is the Academic Essay Vertical?

Anyone who has ever done a university course understands how challenging writing a quality essay or academic paper can be. Most students are transitioning from living with their parents to almost complete independence, which involves juggling a job, chores, and of course, the assignments you receive from professors.

This is exactly the reason why the academic essay vertical has become a pot of gold for affiliates that are willing to put in the work. Essay and academic paper offers fall under the education umbrella and they target students who are looking for a solution to their problems – which means that you don’t have to worry about selling a new product off the shelf or convincing your audience that they need the item you’re promoting.

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A landing page by ClickDealer

On the contrary, students are looking for academic writers that can help them achieve their long-term goals, so they are more engaged and eager to find the right solution.

Academic Essay CPA Offers: A True Gem for Affiliates

In addition to the fact that the audience is already super-engaged, essay CPA offers are a great option for affiliates. Here’s what you should know about this vertical:

Potentially Evergreen

Every year, millions of students begin their academic careers, which gives this vertical the potential to become an evergreen industry. And, the best part is that this applies to students of levels, ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate.

Great for RevShare

Because each client can stay for 4 to 5 years depending on the specialty, it’s a great opportunity for affiliates working with revshare models.

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Here’s an example of an essay offer found at AffBank

Seasonal Peaks

Despite the fact that it behaves like an evergreen vertical, there are discernible patterns that work as seasonal peaks in this industry. During these periods, you can expect conversions and volume to skyrocket, which usually coincides with a change of term or the end of the school year.

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High Commissions

On average, the lowest payout for an academic paper CPA offer is close to $10 – and that’s not including rebills and other forms of revenue such as the potential for upselling. This translates to big earnings for affiliates that figure out how to convert this type of traffic.

It’s Harder to Convert

Yes, the academic essay industry is extremely profitable, but you’ll find it’s much harder to get conversions than in your run-of-the-mill vertical. This is because quality and reliability are the two most important elements for this type of traffic.

Additionally, there are hundreds of potential courses that students may need to write for. So, affiliates have to make their landing page content broad enough to connect with a lot of users while still showing deep knowledge about the task at hand.

How to Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile

Audience Overview

One major difference between educational essay offers and other types is the audience. In a nutshell, marketers promoting essay offers have to remember that their audience is:

Additionally, Brazil’s essay market is also experiencing significant growth, which poses a great opportunity because traffic is still very affordable. Likewise, other non-English speaking countries you can also target include Germany, Holland, Russia, Poland, and Austria.

Approaches You Should Test Out

Keeping your audience in mind is the key to succeeding with essay CPA offers. You should focus on attracting lazy students, people who are too busy with work, and folks who just want someone else to check their work.

What’s more, there are two approaches you can use to build your creatives, which are:

  • Emphasis on Quality and Professionalism

Unlike weight-loss supplements and tech gadgets that cater to consumers’ personal needs, essay CPA offers directly impact the professional future of your audience. This means that emphasizing professionalism and quality will help attract the right type of users and reassure your commitment to their future.

  • No Misleading Promises or Shocking Content

When crafting your creatives, you should avoid using shocking content and misleading promises. Besides the fact that this audience is too savvy to fall for shocking content, making false promises will generate a negative reputation among a tightly-knit consumer group.

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How to Design a Great Ad

Similarly to other industries, you should focus on creativity when crafting ads for your educational essay offer. Despite the fact that consumers are already engaged, you have to stand out from the competitors and speak the right language to start reeling in conversions.

Here are some ideas we put together based on our experience:

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  • No Plagiarism, 100% Unique Text
  • Free Revisions for Each Essay!
  • Meet Your Teacher’s Expectations
  • All Grade Ranges, Including A+

Essay CPA offers may not be as flashy or get as much attention as other verticals, but they offer a great opportunity for affiliates. The tips above should help you understand this vertical and give you an advantage when it comes to putting content together.

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