Just like consumers are constantly looking for information and new products, advertisers are always trying to find the best ways to produce quality leads. There are many different types of affiliate offers, but lead generation (also known as survey offers) are among the most popular for both marketers and advertisers.

That said, knowing how lead generation offers work and how to produce a high number of conversions with these campaigns isn’t always straightforward, especially if you don’t have experience with them.

At PropellerAds, we’ve helped dozens of affiliates develop superb leadgen campaigns that have high conversion rates, so our team is very familiar with the steps needed to increase your chances of success.

Below, we’ll go over the definition of lead generation offers and explain the reasons these CPA offers are a great option. Plus, we’ll also go over the best verticals and provide tips on how to set up your lead generation affiliate campaign today.

What Are Lead Generation Offers?

In simple terms, lead generation offers are affiliate programs where consumers have to fill out a survey or questionnaire in order to unlock the promotion or offer in question. 

The main goal of these is to collect information from potential customers in order to build a lead bank. Once the consumers fill out the survey or questionnaire, they are sent to the appropriate “thank you” page and corresponding offer.

As you may already know, acquiring data from consumers is not an easy process. By conducting surveys and collecting answers, affiliates allow advertisers to improve their targeting because these marketing professionals attract audience members who are interested in the product being promoted. 

Advertisers, in turn, can use the information collected to produce better email sequences (if the survey requires to leave an email address) as well as other marketing materials that help boost revenue.

Why Do Affiliates Run Leadgen Offers?

For affiliates, there are many awesome benefits to lead generation campaigns. It’s true that producing conversions in leadgen campaigns may be easier compared to other offer types.

Some of the main benefits of leadgen offers for affiliates include:

An Easy Conversion Flow

Lead generation offers only require users to answer some questions. This, combined with the fact that consumers actively look for these promotions, result in an easy conversion flow that attracts a decent number of users.


Leadgen offers usually last for a while and they don’t tend to disappear suddenly. So, a properly optimized campaign can produce consistent results for a prolonged period of time.

High Conversion Rates

Conversion rates in lead generation campaigns are much higher than general ads. For instance, the conversion rate in the financial sector is 6%, in iGaming it’s 9%, and in dating it’s close to 14%.

Worldwide Audiences

Lastly, remember that leadgen campaigns work in any language and GEO, so these are suitable for global audiences.

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Best Verticals for Lead Generation

Before delving into the best verticals, it’s important to understand that leadgen campaigns aren’t used to collect sensitive data like email, name, phone number, and other pieces of sensitive information.

Let’s take a look at the best verticals for lead generation campaigns.

  • Finance: Your finance survey CPA campaign should have simple questions with short answers. The goal of the finance survey should be to run some sort of “financial health test” and give users access to the offer after they receive the answer.
  • iGaming: The iGaming vertical is one of the best for leadgen questionnaires because it can cover a collection of popular topics. This includes favorite teams and general sports facts, among others.
  • Dating: The dating vertical is perfect for lead generation because affiliates can ask five or six casual questions that usually draw a lot of attention. This includes questions like “what type of relationship are you trying to meet?”, and “are you ready to meet guys/girls right now?”.

How to Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign

Remember that all affiliates and campaigns are different, so you need to develop a personalized plan designed specifically for your case. But, there are also some general steps that virtually all affiliates need to follow in order to succeed with lead generation campaigns. These include:

  • Choose an ad formatpush notifications and pop-unders are among the leaders as they have conversion rates between 7% and 9%
  • Target the right locations – best performers include Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil
  • Use pre-landers as these help increase conversion rates
  • Implement dynamic tags, especially for dating and romance surveys

Finally, remember that you can make money from people who have already declined an offer by redirecting them to the CPA survey (via TrafficBack) and getting them to claim this promotion.

Developing Creatives that Convert

It’s true that many affiliates have implemented random content and creative angles successfully, but this can greatly mislead consumers. Instead, we suggest that you research different approaches, test out a few variables, and make a decision based on your findings.

Some of the different techniques you can try include:

  • News – “can you predict the result of this game? Give us your answers and find out ”
  • Personal – “test your knowledge in XYZ!” or “learn if you can get rich quickly”
  • Teaser – “A new test shows if your brain is as sharp as possible”

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Zeydoo Leadgen Offers to Test

CPA OfferIDGEODevicePayout
Finance Survey New Feed2025??
Mobile, Android$0.57
Dating Survey2061??
Mobile, Android$0.16
Betting Survey2058??
Mobile, Android$0.494

*More GEOs are available

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