Let’s Get Hyped: PropellerAds & AWG22, Dubai

AWG22 Venue Map

Who could miss one of the most “insightful and all-encompassing events, when Facebook itself describes it as so? We’re talking about none other than the biggest spring event that will bring together for the first time, top affiliate marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs – the Affiliate World Global 2022, in Dubai!

We’ll be there! And we’re ready to shock and awe you with some of the best new features that we rolled out especially for you. Curious to know what we’re talking about? Continue reading to see our AWG22 agenda.

Important details about the event

PropellerAds - AWG22 Venue floor map
AWG22 – PropellerAds’ Booth

Date: February 28 – March 1, 2022
Place: Dubai
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center
Speakers: 60+
Number of Attendees: 7,300+
PropellerAds’ Booth: B03

What we bring to the table at the AWG22

At this event, we’re focusing all our resources on you. So come meet the PropellerAds experts at Booth B03

Feeling too shy, and don’t know where to start? Here are a few AWG22 conversation starters and topics you could bring up with our experts:

  • Scaling and expanding opportunities

Spoiler alert: These guys know everything starting from bids, budgeting, formats, and ending with retargeting (our Audiences 2.0 is bound to come up?), the flow, and CPA networks. 

Oh, and while they’re at it, they’ll probably tell you more about some new and exciting traffic options. So aside from our regular PropellerAds and broker traffic, you’ll want to check Direct Click as well. Don’t believe us? Just go, ask, and see for yourself!

  • New PropellerAds features and updates for convenient media buying

Rules make so much sense when they’re defining a minimum or maximum spend or conversion for your campaigns. Or maybe you’re more interested in capping the CPA, ROI, or CR

Well, with our Rule-Based Optimization feature, you’ve got it. Just ask our pros about it!

propellerads - rule-based optimization

Want to run transparent and simple auto-optimization? Read this

  • Latest trends in online advertising, hottest verticals, and top GEOs

Our team has affiliate marketing all figured out, for 2022 as well. And you can find the best CPA offers, new technologies to keep an eye on, or trending content types. 

Or what’s hyping aside from iGaming, eCommerce, and VPN in verticals. And they also know about CIS, India, Asia, and more tropical affiliate GEOs. 

  • Insights on how to get the most desired traffic (with our new features, of course?)

Do you need Audiences or Interest Targeting to narrow your targeting? To get Direct Traffic? Or to use the Win Rate to set effective bids? Mmm… how about you check with our experts live, at the AWG22, in Dubai? 

Our guys have all the answers. And that’s not all. More surprises and activities await you at the booth!

Meet the PropellerAds team

As always, you get to meet some of the crème de la crème of PropellerAds’ Senior Account Strategists and top figures of the company, including our CEO. 

Who better to meet and greet you at this year’s AWG, in Dubai than: 

So don’t be shy! This is your shot to meet our heroes face-to-face, and pick their brains on some of the most burning matters of the affiliate market industry.

Book your appointments beforehand, or just walk in and chat with the PropellerAds team. If they’re available. 

Join us in Dubai! 

Get ready for a great and informative trip, and make sure to book your tickets in advance. Also, pack light. The weather will likely be 20-25° C (70-80°F), with little (to no) chance of rain. 

As you can imagine, we’re already packed. So make sure to book your appointment in advance for an exclusive 1-on-1 with our experts.

For more updates and photos, check out social media channels and join the Telegram Chat!


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