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Premium Supply & Broker Traffic for Push Notifications – Fine Tune Your Campaigns


Our ad inventory continues to grow at a strong pace, and while we are reaching a record number of websites and suppliers available for ad placements; we thought of categorizing these websites.


Every advertiser has a strategy: some buy traffic exclusively from PropellerAds, some “mix and match” various traffic sources. We decided to accommodate both needs. That’s how a brand-new option for your campaigns emerged – choose if you want to buy Broker or Premium traffic.

If you exclude Broker traffic – you can avoid getting the same visitors, you have already purchased from other sources; you will buy only PropellerAds traffic from our inventory.

Premium traffic

Another ready solution – Premium Supply – only the finest Push traffic from hand-picked, tested websites.

You can already find this feature on our Self-Serve platform:

traffic options

How is it different?

Premium supply is a crème de la crème traffic from our best websites – news outlets, social and networking sites, other popular & niche web resources. This is an extremely quality Push traffic, and it ensures high conversions.

And because of its exceptional quality, there are certain peculiarities of working with this traffic:

  • The policy is more strict because premium publishers have preferences in terms of content they wish to be placed on their websites.
  • The ad frequency is lower – users will receive not more than two Push Notifications a day. More about ad frequency.
  • The recommended bids are higher – this traffic is proven to have higher conversion rates; therefore, the competition for these ad zones is stronger. To compete with other advertisers, you need to bid higher.
  • Requires high-quality creatives – we aim to maintain positive user experience and outstanding performance. What are the best creatives for Native campaigns?

Regular campaigns VS. Premium campaigns

The most common question advertisers ask in regards to Premium traffic is “Why can’t I just launch a regular campaign with higher bids?”

Irina Razvodva, our Head of Sales, explains: “Premium websites participate in the rotation for regular campaigns, but they make up only around 20% of all traffic. Even if your bids are high enough, your campaigns won’t get only premium traffic; they’ll get a mix of ad zones, machining your targeting settings.

If you select the option “Premium only”, your ads will be shown to the users who subscribed on top-notch websites. So, 100% of ad impressions you will get – will be from these people.”

How to set up a Premium campaign?

There are no significant differences in the campaign creation process. All you have to do is to tick the “Premium supply” box and set the correct bid, which should be higher than for your regular campaigns.

You cannot combine Premium traffic with User Activity targeting.

Compare: recommended bids for regular campaigns and recommended bids for Premium campaigns (same targeting in both cases).

Regular campaign

regular campaign

Premium campaign

premium campaign

We hope you would enjoy our new feature! More exciting stuff is coming very-very soon; make sure to subscribe to our blog and notifications, so you’ll never miss an important update.

+[BONUS] New User Activity Settings

From now on, you can select more than one User Activity group and create various combinations. For example, “Medium” + “High” or “Low + Medium”.

multiple user activity groups

>> Launch Premium Campaign <<

In case you have questions or want to share your experience with “Premium supply,” please leave your comments below.

You can also discuss this and other topic on our Telegram Chat. See you there!


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