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Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns: Automate Campaign Creation & Testing

multiformat cpa goal campaigns

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How to get more hours in your day? Although we do not currently offer time travel, we have something just as good – a new automation feature! From now on, you can take advantage of our new instrument: Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns, which lets you cut corners and speed up the testing.

Without further delay, let’s plunge into the details of this new automation feature that our account managers already love. Shall we?

What is a Multiformat CPA Goal Campaign?

Multiformat CPA Goal campaign is a Push campaign running with a CPA goal pricing model and including – here’s the juicy part –  automatically created OnClick and Interstitial campaigns.

Explaining it in a more down-to-earth manner, multiformat means that you don’t have to create separate campaigns for each format. Instead, you launch just one CPA Goal push campaign, and our system optimizes your creatives for other formats on its own.

Super simple and functional – here’s how it looks on our platform: 

propellerads - cpa goal - multiformat campaigns

How to: Go to the campaign creation tab, choose the Push Notifications format, then select the CPA Goal pricing model – scroll down – pick ad formats for additional campaigns (by default, Onclick and Interstitial options are enabled). 

What settings are available for Multiformat campaigns? 

Easier campaign creation doesn’t mean that you have fewer setting options. With Multiformat campaigns, you can control:

propellerads - cpa goal - multiformat campaigns - macros

By the way, we recommend using the {adformat} macros. It helps determine which ad format brought conversions.

  • Advertising budget – choose whether you want to set the same budget for all campaigns or set separate budgets for each format.
propellerads - cpa goal - multiformat campaigns - budget
propellerads - cpa goal - multiformat campaigns - audiences

To sum up, the same functionality is wrapped up in a more compact interface which equates to minimal fuss for you. And you are still in complete control of every part of your campaign.

How are Mutiformat campaigns displayed in statistics?

All your multiformat campaigns will have the same name, yet you can easily filter them in your statistics dashboard – click to select the needed ad format. As well, you can always change the campaign names.

propellerads - cpa goal - multiformat campaigns - stats

Why are Multiformat campaigns worth trying?

Obviously, we have already tested this new feature ourselves and came up with several solid reasons to launch multiformat campaigns. 

1. You save time

You would usually launch three different campaigns – one for push, one for interstitials, and one for onclick. You would need to set up targeting for each campaign. Then you would upload creatives for each campaign. And finally, you would have to wait for each campaign to pass the moderation.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of time?

That’s exactly why Multiformat campaigns rock! You do everything once instead of repeating the same actions over and over and over again.

A total win-win!

2. You don’t have to adjust creatives to different formats

Coming up with creative ideas is already hard enough (we know the pain!), so we are here to make your life easier. Our system will automatically adapt your push creatives to Onclick and Interstitial ads campaigns.

Voilà and you have ready creatives for every format!

3. You test formats MUCH faster

It’s no secret that your offer performance heavily depends on the choice of ad format. And finding the most profitable combination of offer-format requires testing.

Multiformat campaigns allow quick and efficient testing – you can see which formats yield the best results in significantly less time.


If you are bored to read the whole article, here are the key points you don’t want to miss:

  • Our new Multiformat feature lets you simultaneously create campaigns for each ad format: Push, Onclick, and Interstitials.
  • The system automatically adapts push creatives to other ad formats, so you don’t have to do anything (cool, right?).
  • You still have full control over your campaigns: set up the budget, audience targeting, and tracking.
  • You save precious time and test formats much faster.

We really hope that you enjoy this new feature and would be excited to hear from you: how did you like multiformat campaigns?

Meanwhile, join our BIG Telegram chat, where all the cool affiliates hang out. And comment, if you want, of course 🙂


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