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How to Choose a CPA Network

How to choose a CPA Network

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The number #1 rule when selecting a CPA Network is “Never rush”. Take a gradual approach to ensure you find the right fit.

This is the reason why we’ve created a guide to help you choose the best CPA network for your needs. We’ve touched base with Irina Razvodova, the head of our CPA network Zeydoo, to get insider information and we’ll also list some of the features found in this platform as an example of things you need to look out for.

The process of choosing a CPA network can be divided into three different parts:

Part 1: Study Networks and Collect Data

The first part consists of examining the different CPA networks and evaluating their features. In addition to resources from each CPA network, also look at:

  • Compare payouts

Know which vertical you want to work with? Awesome, go to one of the CPA offer aggregators (For example, Affbank or OfferVault) and compare the networks: payouts, conditions, etc.

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  • Ratings and Top Network Lists

Rating sites and top-10 listicles are a good place to start if you’re not familiar with the different platforms and what they have to offer. That said, some networks pay for top rankings in these listicles or rating sites, so you shouldn’t trust everything you read. Especially if there are no cons or small disadvantages.

  • Forums and Reviews

Affiliate forums and reviews are a reliable source of information as marketers share their individual experiences with the different networks available. You can also ask questions and start a discussion to hear the different opinions or stances out there.

  • Presence at Large Industry Events

Leading brands often have a heavy presence at large industry events like expos and conferences. You can always look at the next big events in the affiliate calendar to check if your CPA network is participating or check the last time it was a sponsor for a large event.

Zeydoo is a great example because it’s a regular exhibitor at the most important affiliate summits and conferences in the industry. Powered by PropellerAds, this network has earned a reputation for having cherry-picked offers that perform exceptionally well.

Part 2: Analyze the Basics

Once you’ve narrowed down your list based on your part 1 findings, you have to analyze the basics and weed out the platforms that don’t meet your requirements.

When looking for your next CPA network, remember to analyze features like:

#1 Interface and Dashboard

You’ll be working with the dashboard and interface a lot, so you want to ensure they are both intuitive and easy on the eye. Check out the statistics page, financial information page, and offers page to ensure you have all the information you need available.

zeydoo interface

Affiliates that opt for Zeydoo can view statistics like conversions, impressions, and other goals, plus they can filter them out depending on the country, OS type, landing page, and other options. The offer page is relatively simple and intuitive. And, the financial page has all the information you need to easily track and manage payments.

#2 Vertical and GEO Collection

You absolutely have to review the vertical and GEO collection before picking your network. Remember, this step is not about quantity, especially if you’re working with a specialized platform. The key here is to find a network with a solid list of verticals and GEOs in case you need to try something new, and making sure that the network has quality offers to compensate.

The vertical list of Zeydoo features 20 different verticals and a large list of locations, but the platform has focused more on finding offers with a higher chance of success.

zeydoo - number of verticals

#3 Number of Offers and Update Frequency

A good CPA network updates its offers regularly and you should have a sizable list of offers to choose from — around 500 usually does the trick. Like with verticals and GEOs, it’s not about quantity, but you should try to work with a platform that monitors the quality of offers to ensure good results.

Finding a reliable platform is crucial, but according to Irina Razvodova, ​“​a huge number of CPA offers never guarantee quality. Zeydoo is probably the only network in the market that tests CPA offers. Before publishing the offer, we check it ourselves to see if the creatives are good, what ad formats are available, what GEOs work, and so on. We don’t accept every advertiser, we work only with the ones we know and have experience working with at Propeller.”

#4 Creative Elements

Networks that provide landing pages, banners, recommended ad copies, and other creative elements are much easier to work with, check that your candidates give you at least some of these resources.

zeydoo - what creatives and tips are provided

#5 Payout Period

Payment periods are important for obvious reasons, but some networks can take up to 1 month to process payments. If you prefer to withdraw your profits in a shorter timespan, make sure that the payout period is within your desired range.

According to Razvodova, “the payout period heavily depends on the vertical and your experience as an affiliate. For example, in eCommerce, it usually takes a longer time, but as for all downloads/installs and so on – it’s way faster. Also, if you show awesome results, a CPA network will offer you more beneficial conditions. On average, most of the CPA networks work on a Net-30 basis (30 days) periods, but Zeydoo offers biweekly payments, although for newbies it may take around 3 weeks.”

#6 Financial and Payouts

You should also check financial details like payout methods available and minimum withdrawals. Additionally, take the time to analyze the potential payouts and compare them to the industry standards. Are they higher? Do you have access to exclusive deals? Do you get higher payouts for better performance?

#7 Approval Percentage

The percentage of approved leads is crucial, especially for Nutra and e-commerce offers that rely on call centers. Ensure that the lead approval rate is high before selecting a network.

“​As for approval rate – all the leads coming from PropellerAds traffic are most likely to be approved. Traffic from other sources is also analyzed quickly” says Razvodova. 

Part 3: The Nitty-Gritty

Now, you should only have a handful of networks to choose from. This time, look at the specific details to identify the best network.

Ease of Approval

The ease of approval is a good indicator of the quality of the network. If the platform is too lax, it may not be as good as you want it to be. If it’s almost impossible, the requirements may not be realistic. You can check out our complete guide to help you get approved by a CPA network to increase your chances of success.

“A​s for Zeydoo, we have an interview with all affiliates joining our network. We are focused on more experienced guys, and we can provide them with exclusive offers” says Razvodova.

Account Manager

Your account manager should give you valuable insights and reply to your messages quickly. If they fail to do any of these two, you’ll probably get little to no help when working with him or her.

“At Zeydoo, we have an expert group helping our partners 24/7 with all the questions, and a special VIP service (24/7) for the best-performing affiliates.”

Safety and Fraud Prevention

Cybercrime has been steadily increasing over the past decade, so it’s important to work with a network that ensures the safety of your funds as well as your information.

According to Razvodova, Zeydoo “pays special attention to the security of funds, also we comply with all international standards and bank requirements, therefore, we have KYC procedures in place. Personally, I’d never work with a company that doesn’t perform KYC”.

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What is your favorite CPA Network? (We are really curious). Meanwhile, join our Telegram Chat for affiliates.


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