Affiliates play a major part in the digital advertising realm, yet many conferences decide to focus on other areas. The Island Conference, which is a new event that’s known simply as i-Con, aims to shine a bright spotlight on the marketers at the center of the affiliate universe. 

Of course, PropellerAds couldn’t miss this opportunity to visit the event that would likely become one of Cyprus’ most formidable ones. 

Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Island Conference and what PropellerAds is bringing. We’ll also tell you about one of the event’s most exciting presentations and where you can find PropellerAds representatives. 

Island Conference: The First Edition

i-Con was the result of a group of professionals that wanted to create an interactive event that has affiliates at the center.

Already known as one of the most innovative places in the region, Cyprus will play host to the first i-Con, which promises both professional networking meetups and recreation at one of Europe’s largest casino resorts.  

Date, Location, and Other Details

Panels by marketing experts, speeches about the latest industry trends, and opportunity to meet the industry’s leading people personally — that’s what you can expect at the i-Con event in 2023. 

Here’s additional information you should keep in mind on the day of the event:

  • Location: Limassol, Cyprus
  • Date: June 29th and 30th, 2023
  • Venue: The City of Dreams Casino Resort
  • PropellerAds’ Booth: #M2

While it’s the first i-Con event, the creators of this expo have organized various fun and innovative industry events before. 

Thus, expectations are high — and we‘re kicking it up a notch by partnering with i-Con and throwing a fun-filled opening party! 

The seats are going fast, so make sure to register and book a table in order to ensure you get a ticket.

PropellerAds Is Bringing the Heat at the First i-Con!

As is expected whenever we attend an event, the PropellerAds team will bring an action-packed itinerary. 

Our representatives are eager to discuss our most recent features and the established functions that help our affiliates build engaging campaigns, like our newest ones:

 We are glad to discuss whatever questions you may have and simply chit-chat with you.

PropellerAds’ team of representatives will feature:

  • Svetlana Leyton – Events Team Leader
  • Julia Larionova – Head of Marketing
  • Sotos Charalambous – Senior Account Strategist
  • Anastasia Khegay – Senior Account Strategist
  • Ekaterina Tupitsina – Account Strategist
  • Aleksandr Shovkun – Account StrategistTeam Leader
  • Matvey Shmidt – Head of Advertisers Department

How to Capitalize on Local Sporting Events: An Unmissable Presentation

Matvey Schmidt, our Head of Advertisers Department and world-class affiliate marketing expert, will be one of the keynote speakers at the i-Con. 

Matvey will be giving a presentation titled How to Capitalize on Local Sporting Events: India, LATAM, and USA where he will be sharing insights that will help you take your upcoming campaigns to the next level. 

To Wrap Up

The first i-Con event is coming in hot, so make sure to clear your schedule, pick up your ticket, book a meeting with PropellerAds, and swing by our booth during the conference. 

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to get your questions answered by experts that know our platform better than anyone — plus we’re always up for a chat and a laugh as well!

Need more info? Ask us in the Telegram chat, contact our support team or your Account Manager!


While working as a writer and marketing consultant for the past 9 years, Tom has also developed a passion for the world of affiliate marketing. With first-hand experience and a solid background in online marketing, he has a deep understanding of the different ad formats, offers, and other elements that affect the performance of an affiliate campaign. Tom also loves backpacking around tropical countries, listening to the boom-bap sound of old school hip-hop, and playing amateur rugby with his local team.