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[Case Study] $5934 with Mainstream Dating for Brazil (ROI 150%)

Case_Study - Dating - BRazil - Oisecret

Disclaimer: Please note that this case was provided by one of our clients, and the views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of PropellerAds.

Traffic: NativeAds
Affiliate network: CPAmatica
Offer: Oisecret
The campaign period: 03/03/2020 to 13/05/2020
GEO: Brazil
Spent: $3939
Revenue: $9883
Net Profit: $5934
ROI: 150%

From May 22nd, Native Ads format is no longer available on the PropellerAds ad platform. But you can launch a similar campaign with an Interstitial ads format.

The offer

First, here is a short description of the offer. Oisecret is a mainstream dating in-house offer for Brazil by a CPAmatica affiliate network. You get paid for the deposit. First, it was $60 for the first deposit of each new user. After the first two weeks of traffic pouring in, the cost was lowered to $40, then to $29 and finally to $21. 

After that, three top cities were chosen (Rio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia), where the payment rate was set to $26.4. All other cities were charged at $9.6. 

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Not only male deposits were accepted – deposits from women were accepted too. They are $18 for each ad. But I made an ad creative targeted at men only.

case study - dating - pre-lander

Here you can see the women’s deposit for the whole time:

case study - brazil - female deposits

The ad creative

I used this ad creative in all campaigns. It brought cheap registrations and new deposits. I was totally content with it.

case study - brazil - female creatives
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Campaign setup and optimization

First, I was purchasing traffic for one campaign, just dividing mobile and desktop traffic. But then I saw that there is one large site which gave 80% of the traffic. I decided to separate it from the others, but it did not last long, because that big publisher left. 

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Then I had to divide campaigns by regions, set the top bid for top regions, and set minimal bids for other regions, as I described earlier. 

Rio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia – these are cities where I had set the top bid to get the maximum amount of traffic. Honestly speaking, the traffic paid off when the deposits were set at $60 each and even when it was set at $21.

An example of the campaign setup in top cities

case study - brazil - campaign setup


I made a short blacklist, consisting of ad zones that weren’t bringing any registrations at all. 

blacklists - campaign setup


Different platforms were giving different CR. On some, you were getting one deposit for 100 registrations, on others – one for 300 registrations. Now things have changed. I don’t know why, but from 500+ registrations I have only one deposit.

propellerads - case study - brazil - stats

It is possible that the amount of registrations isn’t matching. It’s because I use a cloud tracker, and it doesn’t count all registrations. But you can see that the amount is approximately equal. 

Moreover, the affiliate network doesn’t show deposits. It counts registration as $0 and counts a deposit as it is.  

propellerads - case study - brazil - cpa network stats

Conclusions & recommendations

  • Search for fresh offers and try out cheap GEOs. Brazil is a really cheap GEO everywhere. I spent my $20 on the first deposit just for testing purposes. 

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  • Change your ad creatives – they actually mean a lot. If you have a good creative, you can cut the payment for registration in half. 

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