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Cracking the Code: Using Geolocation for Dynamic Ads

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In the animal kingdom, some creatures have the ability to change and adapt extremely quickly, while others have remained unchanged for thousands of centuries.

The same thing happens with online advertising.

Marketing channels like print media have seen little changes in the last few decades. Online marketing, on the other hand, is in a state of constant flux depending on the new tech and approaches that are available.

Dynamic ads are a great example. Traditionally, affiliates create multiple native campaigns for different areas with content tailored to that specific location. Now, you can simply adjust your dynamic ad settings and automatically change content based on your audience’s location.

That said, knowing the benefits of this new feature and how it works will help you successfully implement it into your campaign. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of dynamic ads, how they work, and the verticals that benefit the most from this setting option.

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What are Dynamic Ads?

As the name suggests, the content in dynamic ads changes based on different factors, with one of the most popular ones being location. This means that the name of the city, country, state, province, or any other geographical designator will change depending on the location of the viewer.

This feature inserts relevant GEO information to your ad, so it doesn’t look the same to all viewers. Users who see the ads are more enticed to interact with it because they feel like it’s more relevant to them, even if they don’t realize it at the moment.

Here’s what you can use in Native ads:

  • {country}
  • {city_name}
  • {region_name}
  • {isp}

Benefits and Advantages of Dynamic Ads

Customizing your ads with GEO details can have a great impact on your conversions and overall sales. According to our observations, geographical information on your ads can boost sales up to 20% . Not bad, right?

Not only this, but dynamic ads that change GEO details also allow you to create a personalized experience for your potential customers, which can have a deep effect when it’s time to make a purchase decision.

How Dynamic Ads Work – The Psychological Side

For those of you familiar with basic psychological concepts, dynamic ads that have variable GEO content work under the principle of social proof. In short, this concept suggests that humans always want to conform and be part of the pack – regardless of how unique we try or claim to be.

So, if consumers feel like the people around them are taking advantage of an offer, they are more likely to join in, even if they are not naturally passionate or interested.

GEO-dynamic ads work really well because they:

  • Imply Real-Time Offers

Although it may not be the case, GEO details give your ads a sense of urgency, so folks are going to feel like it’s a real-time offer they can’t resist. This means that people are more likely to act fast and make snap decisions that translate to higher conversions for affiliates.

  • Create an Illusion of Exclusivity

Because it seems like the offer is only available in a single city or region, dynamic ads with geographic details give your ad an air of exclusivity that people have a hard time passing up.

  • Seem to Come from Local Providers

Most people like to buy local, so having an ad that adapts to their location is a great way to gain their trust and make them feel safe when interacting with your creatives.

Verticals that Can Benefit from Dynamic Ads

While almost all industries can benefit from GEO-dynamic ads in one way or another, this feature can produce stellar results when used in a handful of distinct verticals. These are:


Location is already important in dating offers, so being able to customize it depending on the audience’s area can set up our campaign for ultimate success. The idea is to make users feel like they will meet someone in their area quickly and efficiently.

? Creative strategies for Dating offers. Watch!


This one is another obvious one as you can make your targets feel familiar by employing urgency and exclusivity. Because who doesn’t love a little exclusivity.


The gist of using GEO-dynamic ads in this vertical is to portray normal people in the same area making easy money. Which is what most people really want.


Mainstream gambling and games of chance can offer the opportunity to make money, so you’ll want to follow a similar feel to affiliates in the finance space.

When combined with geographical indicators, dynamic ads can boost your conversions and produce awesome results, especially if you’re in the right niche.

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