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[Case Study] Hair Growth Treatment (ROI 105%)

hair grow plus case study

Today Roman, our expert in affiliate marketing, tests an offer from one of India’s biggest CPA networks, Vcommission. The offer promotes a hair growth treatment; the payout is $7.

Traffic: Push Notifications

Affiliate Network: Vcommission

Offer: Hair Grow Plus

Campaign period: Oct 23, 2018 – Nov 6, 2018

GEO: India

Total spend: $215

Total Revenue: $441

Net profit: $226

ROI: 105%

Ad creatives and landing pages

Roman chose these ad creatives:

case study_creatives example

Roman explains: “Before and after photos. I knew from experience: that type of creatives would convert better.

Title: Reason Why You Losing Hair

Description: Reverse Your Hair Loss with This Method

I used the pre-lander from vCommission:

Landing page:

Case study_landing page


Roman ran 3 push-campaigns targeting Android (India):

  • Campaign 1: CPC, Android, $0.005 bid, activity targeting – low, frequency 1/24.
  • Campaign 2: CPC, Windows, $0.006 bid, activity targeting – high, frequency 1/24.
  • Campaign 3: CPC, Android, $0.007 bid, activity targeting – average, frequency 1/24.

Campaigns were running for almost two weeks. Zones (sites) with low conversions were excluded.

The stats

The final budget and the revenue for every campaign:

  • Campaign 1: $16 budget, $42 in revenue
  • Campaign 2: $107 budget, $294 in revenue
  • Campaign 3: $91 budget, $105 in revenue

Stats from VCommission:

Stats from Propeller:

We’ve got 518 leads and 63 conversions.

The total spend was $215, revenue: $441, and profit $226. All campaigns showed good results, especially the one that targeted High activity users.

Campaigns targeted at the Medium activity group showed the weakest results: ROI was only 15%; the quality-price ratio of that particular audience appeared to be worse. But if the traffic costs fall there can be completely different results.

The bottom line

“I recommend playing around with the bid and test various ad copies and images. The goal is here is to find what combinations of text and images have the potential to convert better.

I can’t emphasize enough – change your creatives more often! Users won’t click ads they’ve seen too many times.



Have questions to Roman? Or want to share your experience with similar offers or GEOs? Or maybe you want Roman to test a certain CPA network and vertical? – leave your comment below or request a review on our Telegram chat.


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