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[Case study] Ecospray with 171% ROI

Ecospray case study

We are still ready to buy your case-study for a good price. And this case-study was sent to us by Jane. Let us give her the floor!

CPA network: AdCombo

Offer: Ecospray

GEO: Lebanon

Traffic Source: PropellerAds – Push ads

Ad Spend: $387

Revenue: $1050

ROI: 171%

Hello, case-study lovers. My name is Jane, and it’s about time for me to tell you which was my lucky combo. Let’s go!

I started my affiliate marketing journey quite some time ago, and I like push notification traffic for its simplicity. When starting your push notifications campaign you don’t have to go through numerous settings; everything is rather straightforward.

What my basic strategy looks like:

1) Finding GEO, not overheated with other affiliates promoting offers for it.

2) Based on the GEO I usually ask my affiliate manager in AdCombo to give me offer recommendations.

When launching my campaign average CPC for Lebanon was about $0.007 – $0.013, quite good isn’t it? When dealing with push notifications, I usually choose CPC, not CPM because: to have a profitable campaign with CPM your ads should have a CTR of around 10%, if you don’t have such, I recommend you using CPC model instead.


Sometimes newbies ask me: Should I use pre-lander when dealing with push traffic? I usually tell them that there is no right answer to this question – you should always TEST and see what is working for you.

In my case, first I performed tests without pre-lander.  Conversion rate was good, but the approval rate was low, that’s why I decided to stick to a pre-lender + landing page. Have a look at the best performing pre-lander :



For diet offers, I thought of at least 10 different banners, which includes classic before/after, women in a burka, some human body drawings and a mug filled with cucumbers. Nothing extraordinary for these type of ads. And to be true, most banners were successful.


All texts were in Arabic, something like this:

Headline: Slimming without dieting and physical activity

Main text: Lose 7 kg a week!

Now let’s get down to numbers

To be honest,  this campaign wasn’t my main one. I was checking and optimizing it from time to time.

Let’s see, what we have: 146 conversions and $387 total spent, so on each conversion was spent $2.65.


It was really cool that AdCombo has a payout of $14 for this GEO!

Further, you can clearly see that the average approval rate was 40%. It means that with 146 conversions we end up with 58 confirmed leads.

Total Revenue: $1050


Here you go!

Disclaimer: The article originally appeared on It has been republished with permission and does not constitute the views or opinions of PropellerAds.


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