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update creatives in under 10 min
Tutorials for Beginners

How to Upgrade Your Creatives in Under 10 Minutes?

How to make your creatives capture people’s attention? Today we are going to discuss the art of making your banners shine in 10 minutes. Examples included!

Hero banner
Tutorials for Beginners

How to Boost Conversion With One Image on Your Affiliate Landing Page

Learn the art of elevating conversion rates with a single image on your affiliate landing page. Maximize impact effortlessly!

Affiliate Marketing

The Insurance Vertical Overview: How to Make Your Campaign Profitable?

Discover strategies to maximize profits in insurance campaigns. Learn key insights and tactics for a lucrative venture in the insurance vertical

Propellerads - how to replicate a case study
Affiliate Marketing

How to Correctly Replicate a Case Study?

How should you replicate a successful case study? Which parts to copy and how to do that smartly? Read this article and find out

iGaming creatives - affiliate campaigns
Tutorials for Beginners

iGaming Creatives: How to Make Them Strike?

Some insights about one of the most crucial elements of your future iGaming campaign - creatives. Images, pre-landers and ad copy

translation - localization
Tutorials for Beginners

Translation and Localization for Affiliates: How to Avoid Failures

We’ll go over the difference between content translation and localization. We’ll also discuss the benefits of localizing your content and give you tips

Banner - image tools - beginners
Tutorials for Beginners

6 Best Image Editing Tools to Make Bombshell Creatives

In this post, we’ll tell you why you will always need fresh creatives, how to make them yourself, what tools to use for that

Valentine's day - verticals and formats
Affiliate Marketing

Formats & Verticals: Find Your Perfect Match

Explore diverse formats & verticals to find your perfect match. Uncover opportunities tailored to your needs. Start your journey today!

Storytelling techniques
Advanced Tutorials

7 Storytelling Techniques for Affiliate Marketers

Uncover potent storytelling methods for affiliate marketers. Elevate engagement, drive conversions, and captivate your audience!

Creative Trends
Ad Trends

Creatives Fashion 2019: What’s Trending This Fall

Some creatives burn out in a couple of days, and some keep bringing profit for months. It’s hard to predict the outcomes of new creative strategies