Bridgerton: What Affiliate Marketers Can Learn from These Series?

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What we have today is a reflective and entertaining material on both – affiliate marketing and Bridgerton series. The world is full of lessons to follow, even when you are just having fun watching a TV show! This time, we are going to help you get the most out of Bridgerton and discuss the affiliate marketing lessons you can find there. 

Lesson I: Inclusivity, diversity, creativity

Bridgerton is all about diversity and unexpected combinations of everything. We meet white and black ethnic backgrounds in the cast, see how past and modernity interlap, and enjoy numerous references to books and films. 

It’s so modern. We can hear the Billie Eilish soundtrack during the ball in the 1800s and see how the atmosphere of Jane Air or Pride and Prejudice gets the very new shades because of such a diverse cast. And the genre blends drama, romance, comedy, suspense!

In fact, if the creators were historically accurate and conforming, this would definitely bring fewer critics, but they would also have fewer fans of these scandalous and charming series. 

Affiliate marketers, remember this when making your creatives – unexpected decisions and interesting combinations can lead you to the higher CTR. When you choose between going a bit crazy and following the rules – you choose between individuality and habituality. Risk! Choose the first one!  


And we also have a small example for you. Something regular like a New Year sale can turn into a real attention hook if you go a little bit crazy:


Lesson II: Audience likes easy-to-relate characters and stories   

We are pretty sure that you have a favorite character in Bridgerton. Is it Eloise, a brave girl with a strong personality that breaks social limits? Or, maybe, you like Daphne, a tender young lady who dreams of love and family? Indeed, you can easily find a Bridgerton character to relate to and recognize yourself. All characters have their own stories, this is why so many people can resonate with them.


Your affiliate marketing campaign should be easy to relate to, as well. Everyone is attracted to something that reflects their personality or desired self-image. Whenever you create an affiliate marketing campaign, you should keep up with style, wording, language, and images relevant to your users demographics and interests. Like this: 


Also, if you work with Nutrition or Sports offers, you can also make your ad maximally relatable. Say, people looking for some diets and advice on how to prepare for a beach season, are mostly experiencing that temptation of giving their diet up and eating cupcakes after 6 PM. Why don’t you have a dialogue with them? Like this:


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Lesson III: Beauty (and value) is in the eye of the beholder

Value is not universal – everyone finds his or her own. We have that social stereotype, that the most valuable and estimable things in life are power, knowledge, and money. However, Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers prove that trust can be achieved through emotions and fun. 

Your affiliate marketing strategy should deliver value on all levels – no doubt. To make your campaigns more creative and profitable, try different methods to bring value, including entertainment, playfulness, and fun. 


What exactly do we mean? Well, just, again, don’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries and do something non-typical. This will help you to beat banner blindness and make your ads stand out:


Lesson IV: Be consistent in what you do

Lady Whistledown started as just an unknown anonymous writer. She was pretty much consistent, the style and aims of her writings were clear, and her voice became louder and louder throughout the series. Soon, consistency made her reputation and decisiveness grow sky-high. At the same time, in contrast to Lady Whistledown, inconsistent Daphne lost all of her possibilities gradually. 

Make your campaign consistent and keep up with your idea. Marry your images and copies, make sure that everything works together as a single mechanism. Keep up with the peculiarities of the chosen GEOs – use relevant language, suitable colors, symbols, and photos. 

Here, grab an example of a consistent creative. It is relevant, has a GEO-related language,  and reserved style so suitable for Software:


This campaign targeted Estonian users, so we have the Estonian text translated as: Enter your mobile number to download. After doing that, users get to the landing page where they can get the app. In advertising, you should always give what you promise. 

Lesson V: Make your customer portrait deeper 

The real magic Bridgerton does is delivering most fantasies, dreams, and “favorite things” of its target viewers right to their screens. The show is appreciated mostly by Millennial ladies, who share their love of Marry Poppins, romantic historical novels, and beautiful dresses with rouche. 

Your target audience were kids and had their favorite movies, games, and books. Nostalgia is something you can appeal to – whenever you evoke pleasant association chains, you increase chances for getting more loyal and interested visitors.  

Hope you enjoyed our Bridgerton and affiliate marketing cocktail! Keep this Bridgerton wisdom in mind next time you will be creating a campaign. Good luck! 


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