4 Lessons Affiliates Can Learn from Joker

lessons affiliates can learn from Joker

Comic book-inspired movies and shows have taken the world by storm over the last decade. And, it makes sense – these projects are bringing to life some of the most famous superheroes we all grew up with and loved.

And, like the ying-yang, these movies also bring to life some of the most complex villains and baddies the comic book multiverse has ever seen.

Case in point: Joker.

The acclaimed film starring Joaquim Phoenix has received awesome reviews. Phoenix’s portrayal of Arthur Fleck, an antagonized clown, living with his mother in the slums of Gotham, has captivated audiences around the world. And, as a bonus, the Clown Prince of Crime can also teach affiliates a few lessons that can help them succeed.

Below, we’ll go over the 4 lessons affiliates can learn from Joker. And buckle up – we can’t make any spoilers-related promises!

1. The Importance of Relevance

Any affiliate that takes pride in his or her act knows the importance of relevance. In Joker, we can see Arthur Fleck going through the same, if not worse, hardships as the people around him, so he’s able to make a relevant connection and captivate his audience.

Applied to real life, this means that you have to follow the news and make your product relevant. Topics like the weather, movie releases (guilty), and President Trump’s latest buffoonery all make for great affiliate content. Mix these in with a bit of customization, say through dynamic ads, and you’ll get a pretty good recipe.

Here are some examples to spark creativity:

2. Mimic the Audience

*Spoiler Alerts*

In one of the most iconic scenes in the whole movie, Fleck is being chased by the police as he enters a train car that’s full of people wearing clown masks. He snatches a mask off a passenger’s face, which starts a brawl that ends with the cops being mobbed by an army mask-bearing clowns.

What does this teach us? Besides the fact that you should never snatch a mask off of a stranger’s face, it also shows the power of mimicking the audience. By wearing the mask, Fleck was able to blend in, avoid negative attention, and get his way.

To mimic your audience, you should speak the same language, which in turn will depend on the location you’re targeting. You need to gain a deep understanding of what your audience perceives as beautiful and what is considered unattractive.

You should act like the audience you want to attract and keep positive GEO-related details in mind. For example, clear pale skin is considered beautiful in Japan, long shiny hair is desirable in India, and family and tradition are valued in the Middle East.

In other words, craft your approach based on the information you collect.

3. Always Look for a New Way to Tell the Story

Unlike most superhero movies that rely on CGI and dozens of shots per second, Joker is a classy film that even took home the top prize at the Venice Film Festival. Which is sort of a big deal. Not to mention the millions it has (and will) sell in the box office.

The secret sauce?

Creativity. The masterminds behind Joker were able to take an old story and tell it in their own way. Instead of building or expanding on other versions of The Joker, Phillips and Phoenix decided to take their own approach and found a special way to retell an old story. And, the best part is that their version goes against the current trend of comic book projects, dazzling the audience in the process.

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4. Don’t Be So Serious – Just Have Fun with It!

Why so serious?

Ok, that’s the wrong Joker, but the concept still applies. Humor shouldn’t be regarded as the forbidden fruit of affiliate marketing. Yes, you want to make sure your ads aren’t offensive or insensitive, but you can always rely on a bit of humor to shake out positive emotions from your audience.

Instead of telling a joke, you can use images of people laughing and having a good time. Laughter seems genuine, which means that happy people will make your products look more authentic.

And, if you want to test the boundaries, you can also try out sarcasm. If you use sarcasm, you’re assuming that your audience gets what you’re saying, which means you’re on the same page.

By being sarcastic with another person, you are suggesting that they “get” you. In other words, they understand the underlying message that you are trying to convey. (By PockerMob)

Joker was an instant classic, and we’re sure to see, hear, and live a bit more of this amazing film. And, the lessons above should help you step up your affiliate game and prevent you from becoming a clown in the marketing world.

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