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Make your Mobile Utilities campaign skyrocket

Cleaners, anti-viruses, VPNs and other applications… PropellerAds can help you boost user acquisition of your Utilities campaigns – we have high-tech tools, creative templates, engaging ad formats, and more.


CR growth this year


CTR with Push Badges


Cost per click with CPA Goal bidding


Format for the vertical is Popunder


Relevant audience for all types of Utilities offers


File managers


Ad blockers


Exceptional ad performance – with PropellerAds

5 ad formats to exceed expectations

Choose Push, In-Page Push, Interstitial, Direct Click, or Popunder regarding your current goal – broad reach, product description, or quick noticing.

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Exceptional performance

We develop performance-boosting tools to deliver your ads to the right audience. Our partners prove that PropellerAds solutions are one of the best in the market.

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Pricing that saves money

To help you financially plan performance ads strategy, we offer 3 pricing types: Classic, Smart, and AI. Choose your the one which suits your goals and budged.

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CTR-boosting templates

We have templates for Intersititials and Push Badges to make your Utilities ads look clickable. Tests show: templates can boost your CTR at least by 20-25%!

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35% more profit with the ProPush Tag

With ProPush, earn up to 35% more from users who visit your landing page. Cover your testing costs or low CPA payouts.

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How to get more affiliate-savvy?

Find useful performance marketing case studies and guidelines on Utilities promos and other topics in our blog and YouTube channel.

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Boost your install and lead generation statistics

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Top ad formats for Utilities campaigns


Popunder / Pop Ads

Full-tab ads opening behind main browser window and providing huge creative space

More about Popunder ads

Push Notification Ads

Short personalized messages delivered to your audience even when they are not browsing

More about Push ads

Interstitial Ads

Highly clickable static or animated banner, overlapping website content

More about Interstitial ads

In-Page Push Ads

Browser-based native-look notifications for all platforms, iOS and MacOS included

More about In-Page Push ads

Performance-boosting tools you cannot miss