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Maximize your advertising ROI with campaign automation

Forget about manual optimization that is slow and usually less effective. Let our AI-powered algorithms boost conversions, save your time and budget!

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+ 80%

More conversions

- 40%

Campaign cost

+ 60%

Your precious time

Customize your ads automation level from basic to 100%

Full automation with СPA Goal bidding

With CPA-based campaigns, you set the target price per conversion:

Automatic bidding

Automatic ad optimization

Automatic zone exclusion

About CPA Goal

Conditional automation with Rule-based Optimization

For streamlined media buying protected from overspending by customizable rules

You set the rules for CPA / spend / conversions

Campaign is limited by your rules

PropellerAds adjusts settings to meet the desired conditions

More about campaign optimization

Second price auction with SmartCPM bidding

For getting more highly-converting traffic at a fair price per each placement

AI finds the best price by checking the competition

You get pricing insights for better bidding

You set a fixed price for each ad placement

About SmartCPM

What our customers say

What we like the most is the quality of traffic compared to other push traffic sources, and that they are always bringing out new features to make it better and better.

Mariano Cordoba

Marketer & Influencer

We’re working together for more than 4 years. Actually, the guys need no introduction, Propeller can be considered one of the pioneers in this industry.


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