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Scalable user acquisition for media buy teams

Expand your media buy portfolio with quality push and pop traffic. 120 370 ad impressions a second and a mix of ad formats let you scale user acquisition strategy worldwide fast to get new audience

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Why media buy teams choose us


Years of expertise

CPA-based, CPC, CPM

Pricing models


Ad formats

Biggest volumes on the market

With 1B+ monthly audience, PropellerAds offers the largest inventory for user acquisition and performance marketing. We provide partners with accurate real-time forecast for campaign reach and conversions to help them balance conversion flow.
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Unmatched supply quality

97% of our partners name traffic quality as PropellerAds' #1 advantage. PropellerAds applies market's cutting-edge anti-bot technology to safeguard your brand and budget from fraudulent activity.
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PropellerAds offers the best price-quality ratio of traffic on the market. Our media buy team likes platform's interface and the fact that it works with both mobile and desktop traffic.

Anton Gamov, Yorso Europe, mobile gaming

We’ve been working with PropellerAds for 8 years. We love user-friendliness of the ad platform and our personal manager. She always shows great understanding of the marketing industry.

Isha, Media buying agency

We've been with PropellerAds for many years. Best pop and push traffic, voluums keep exceeding our expectations. User-friendly interface, smart ad optimization algorithms, and excellent Account Manager.

Unclebo, mobile app company

How media buy teams grow results with PropellerAds

Start my first campaign

Set up and run

Choose ad formats for media buyers: Onclick, Push, In-Page Push, Interstitial, and Survey Exit

Forecast campaign reach and conversions with Traffic Estimator

Connect to an account strategist available for selected customers to help you configure ad campaigns


Test and optimize

With Onclick's targeting option, focus on brand awareness and repetitive communication with your audience

Try exclusive Survey Exit ad format to target an already warmed-up audience and increase CR

For auto-optimization, pick CPA Goal bidding that aims at bringing conversions at your desired price


Scale and automate

Grow your reach using multiformat campaigns which automatically combine multiple ad formats and save your time

Increase your campaign's key metrics by letting our smart algorithms duplicate and optimize it

Leverage retargeting option to repeatedly engage users who viewed, clicked your ads, or converted

Propeller Priority program for media buyers

Priority support line, early access to new features, and other perks

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